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Information Science

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Information Science at a glance

With an Information Science degree from North Central University, you can make an impact in the world. You’ll study how the areas of computer science, business, and people come together to impact companies across the globe. From creating systems for managing data, to exploring how information is used and sold, you’ll be prepared to serve in a variety of exciting roles.

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What sets us apart

The skyline of downtown Minneapolis.
Internship opportunities in Minneapolis

Our unique urban location gives students opportunities for establishing careers.

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Get real-world experience and hands-on training

Information Science students at North Central have unique opportunities to intern at local agencies and businesses. Internships present new challenges and learning experiences as you prepare for your career after graduation and get one step closer to living out your calling.

You’ll be supported, mentored, and coached by your advising professor throughout your internship and have opportunities to reflect on the process. This will give you insights into your passions and God-given talents, and help you pursue a fulfilling career path. Plus, when you finish your internship you’ll have an impressive portfolio, experience to add to your resume, and a network of professionals in the industry who can recommend you—or hire you!

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Career preparation

Get practical, relevant training in a high-demand career field.

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Our Information science program focuses on preparing you for success in a fulfilling career

Our Information Science program will prepare you with the applicable knowledge, practical skills, and hands-on training you need to pursue a career in this high-demand career field.

In this program, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of programming, programming languages, and why code works the way it does. When you graduate, you’ll be prepared with the high level coding skills and computer knowledge you need for a career in a variety of fields.

A class at North Central University.
Personalized attention & student-led classes

Small classes and a tight-knit community allow you to make great connections.

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Gain knowledge and skills through experiential learning

North Central’s Information Science program is a tight-knit group, so you’ll have extensive opportunities to interact with your fellow students and professors. Your professors will become your guides as you grow in your understanding of complex technological concepts and your mentors as you discover and follow your calling. We place a special emphasis on experiential learning and student-led class sessions. This will give you the chance to practice teaching computer science to classmates as you grow in your own understanding of the subject.

  • Skills you’ll gain

    When you graduate from the Information Science program, you’ll be prepared with skills in a variety of areas:

    • Programming
    • Programming languages
    • Problem solving
    • Computer architecture
    • Networking
    • Web development
    • Several major computing languages
    • Software development
    • Database systems
    • Operating systems
    • Security systems
  • Careers

    Our graduates succeed in a variety of jobs and careers. Here are some possibilities:

    • Data Analyst
    • Web Content Manager
    • Information Architect
    • Political Intelligence Consultant
    • Software Engineer
    • Programmer Analyst
    • Sales and Marketing
  • Minors & supporting programs

    We want you to be well-rounded and well-prepared when you graduate, so you’ll have the opportunity to choose a minor or supporting program so you can explore another area of interest. Here are some possibilities:

    • Business Administration
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Marketing
    • Leadership Development
    • Media Production
    • Mathematics
    • Pre-Law

    See the full list of minors and supporting programs.

A classroom discussion at North Central University.
Education Services Engineer, JAMF Software

Dale Houghton ‘12
Woodbury, MN

"The student to professor ratio is wonderful. I loved that the professors not only knew who I was, but took a vested interest in my life and career, encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone to advance my career."


All students must complete the General Education Core and Christian Studies Core. General electives may be added or an optional minor may be selected. You need 124 total credit hours to complete the Information Science degree.

Meet the dean

Faculty member Bill Tibbetts.


Liechty Hall, Off 105

Bill Tibbetts

Dean of the College of Business and Technology; Professor

Bill has been teaching at North Central since 2008. He graduated from Purdue University with intentions to be the next Bob Woodward of business journalism. The Lord redirected his journey, leading him to Washington DC, where he became an executive of a multi-million dollar international nonprofit. He later relocated to the Midwest to be closer to family and transitioned into executive leadership for a $35 billion finance company.


Business Strategy and Marketing, with a concentration in organizational development and marketing analytics. Because God calls us to be stewards of his creation, we are all, therefore, called to be strategists. Impact is significantly increased when an organization can properly align their internal capabilities and resources with an understanding of what their specific market is demanding.


North Central fosters the opportunity to engage with students on relevant knowledge, Christian character, and professional skills unlike any other university. I thrive on mentoring students to discover God’s will for their future and then preparing them to lead organizations that innovate, grow, and deliver world-class results.


One of my favorite classes to teach is Introduction to Business, a place for most students’ introduction to the subject matter.