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CareerWire is our online job search database for NCU students and alumni. You can view job postings, post a resume, research potential employers, and network with professionals in your field. If you’re an employer, it’s also a great way to connect with NCU students.


CareerWire is a great way for North Central alumni to search for jobs and connect with potential employers.

Select that you are Alumni in the menu of options, and continue through the prompts.


Employers can use CareerWire to connect with current and former North Central students—they’re smart, passionate, ethical, hard-working, and conscientious.

If you’re an employer who has already created a Symplicity account through another college or university, please sign into CareerWire with the same username and password used previously.

New Users

If you’re new to CareerWire, you’ll need to create an account. To register for an account:

  1. Click the applicable link above
  2. Click the Sign Up button in CareerWire
  3. Enter the requested info
  4. Check your email for a confirmation message (sent after you complete your registration)
  5. Check your email for a message specifying your username and password


North Central University and its Career Services are not responsible for the postings, jobs, employers, recruiters, or other external users of this system. While all postings and employers are vetted, misleading, fraudulent postings, and scams may be posted. It is the individual user’s responsibility to evaluate the legitimacy of the posting and all additional communications with the posting party.

Postings are also vetted based on compatibility with North Central University’s values. Positions that are clearly incompatible with North Central’s views will not be posted. However, it is the individual user’s responsibility to evaluate the appropriateness of each posted opportunity. Being allowed to post on this system does not mean that North Central or Career Services endorses the views of the poster or the posting.

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