Understanding the Wonders While Honoring the Word

Explore all of the natural wonders of the world as God intended. Learn and practice valuable technical skills while engaging in meaningful study of Christ’s intentions for all living things, as well as biblical teachings regarding the intersection of faith and science. 


With a Bachelor’s degree in biology from North Central University, you are preparing yourself for future opportunities to assist in the decision making processes behind medical care, public health, and the advancement of scientific practice while keeping faith, values, and morals in mind.


You will gain invaluable insight into the wonders of God’s creation on a fundamental level, while honing essential skills that will help you advance your career in the sciences. 


It all starts at NCU.

Valuable Skills and Learning Objectives with a Biology Bachelor’s Degree from NCU

The encouraging and passionate faculty at North Central University will guide you through your studies, aiding in the development of essential skills necessary for a professional science career.

Group of scientists conducting an experiment

Develop field & laboratory skills

Bookshelf with old books on it

Read, analyze, and present scientific literature

Computer with graphs

Present research findings

Scientist looking in a microscope

Evaluate the social & ethical impacts of research

View of the world at night from space

Discover, capture, & evaluate data 

Bible laying on wooden desk with plants

Explore scientific inquiry through a biblical lens

Careers Available with a Bachelor's in Biology

Prepare for a professional career in the medical field serving others around the world or right at home. NCU offers a Pre-Professional Health Sciences minor to complement and enhance your Biology major. 

Engage in critical discussions that have worldwide repercussions, and give a Christian perspective to decisions being made by the scientific community.

Serve all of God’s creations, bring critical animal healthcare to small communities, and serve on missions to countries where livelihoods depend on healthy livestock, but access to veterinary care is limited, all while sharing the Word. 

Is Biology the Right Path for You?

Start with our quiz to find out if a degree in biology is the right calling for you, then learn more about our $5000 scholarship reserved for those pursuing an undergraduate biology degree. 

When you’re ready, apply to North Central University. Your future begins here.