Compassion in Urban Settings

Recovery is coming

This past year has taken a toll on everyone. While it was a hard year, it was also very eventful. We all had to adjust to a “new normal,” which meant staying home and finding new ways to live life and connect with others. The city of Minneapolis is certainly still recovering from all that has happened last year. However, North Central has been partnering with various groups to help bring the community connection back this year.

The IDH & ADL partnerships

North Central has partnered with the Institute for Digital Humanity (IDH). The IDH is a group that focuses on the youth of Minneapolis; they assist high-schoolers in learning how to connect with others, as well as make a life for themselves and become independent. North Central and the IDH have teamed up and partnered with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to educate high-schoolers on digital ethics and algorithms. The ADL aims to help communities be more aware of what is going on in this city and how we can all work together and stand up for equality. The IDH team has been working on how to connect with the community again and support them. By putting together exhibitions, community education classes, and much more, we have been able to see a change in our community.

North Central’s role

North Central values community connection, which is why they have partnered with these groups. Along with these partnerships, North Central has also been working on its own community connection strategies. Steve Pulis, senior director for community events for Convoy of Hope, said this in a recent interview, “NCU has found proven ministries that make a difference so that your time, heart, and investment will have a lasting impact. The outreaches at NCU provide an opportunity for what you are learning in the classroom to be applied to the real world. Not just the head knowledge, but hand knowledge. This simple work gives the Holy Spirit a time and place to direct you, to speak to you about your calling.” This shows that not only do community service and relationships benefit the community, but it also benefits you individually.

Find out more about how you can play a part in NCU’s effort to restore our community.

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