Earn a digital media degree at North Central University

What can you do with a digital media major?

Did you know that 89% of consumers begin their buying journey with a search engine like Google? And the average American spends more than 10 hours a day looking at screens—nearly half of their day! Between watching video, scrolling through social media, reading a blog, or even searching for a new pair of shoes, digital media has a huge impact on daily life.

Earning a digital media degree will equip you to influence the digital world. It will help you build skills in graphic design, video production, social media, digital communication, and more.

Learn more about the digital media major at North Central University and preview a class list. 

Digital media careers

Because a digital media major helps you build skills in such a wide variety of areas, there are many different types of jobs you can get with a digital media degree. Here are a few examples of digital media careers that you can pursue!

Film and video editor

Film and video editors are needed at a wide variety of companies and organizations. As video becomes a more and more prevalent way of consuming content many businesses are hiring freelance or full-time video editors to tell their stories.

Graphic designer

Digital media majors gifted with aesthetic instincts should consider a graphic design career. Create visuals for ads, websites, print materials, and more.

Marketing/communications specialist

Marketing and communications specialists participate in essential messaging and communications strategy and content creation.

Church media director

Students with a digital media degree who want to serve their local church should consider becoming a church media director. This role involves producing visuals, video, and more!

Social media coordinator

If you think that your social media intuition equips you for a career in social media, you’re wrong. A degree in digital media will give you knowledge about social media trends and techniques. Learn to manage social accounts to get maximum reach and engagement.

Media relations

Knowing how to position your messaging is important. The digital media major features coursework in understanding how to create effective messages, and pitch them to the media in an effective way.

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