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Jobs and Work Study

A student worker in North Central's library.

Work study opportunities and campus jobs are a great way for you to manage your finances, pay for college, or earn a little extra spending money.

You’ll be notified that you’re eligible for work study after you fill out your FAFSA. A document called “Work-study eligible” will be added to your Financial Aid Online (accessible via Skyline).

You can get a campus job even if you’re not eligible for work study. Look for departments that hire general student employees.

How to Apply

  • Submit a resume and letter of interest to the supervisor of each department you’re interested in.
  • Remember, each area has its own hiring needs and availability that may vary over time.


DepartmentHires work-study?Hires general student employees?Currently hiring?Job DescriptionSupervisorSupervisor Email
AdmissionsYesYesNot currently hiringAdmissions Job Description (pdf)Amanda
AdvancementYesNot currently hiringAdvancement Job Description (pdf)Andrea Nargan
America Reads TutorYesNot currently hiringAmerica Reads Tutor Job Description (pdf)Jodi
AthleticsYesYesNot currently hiringAthletics/Rec & Wellness Job Description (pdf)Allison
Bible & TheologyYesYesNot currently hiringInstitute of Biblical and Theological Studies Job Description (pdf)Mekeyah
BookstoreYesNot currently hiringBookstore Job Description (pdf)Christopher
Business AdministrationYesNot currently hiringBusiness Administration Job Description (pdf)Vienna
Business OfficeNot currently hiringBusiness Office Job Description (pdf)Amy
School of Pastoral StudiesYesYesNot currently hiringCenter For Youth & Leadership Job Description (pdf)Mekeyah
Communication ArtsYesNot currently hiringCommunication Arts Job Description (pdf)Jonathan
Computer LabYesYesNot currently hiringComputer Lab Job Description (pdf)Steve
Education OfficeYesNot currently hiringEducation Office Job Description (pdf)Jodi
EnglishYesNot currently hiringEnglish Job Description (pdf)Jonathan
Financial AidYesNot currently hiringFinancial Aid Job Description (pdf)Melissa O'
Fine ArtsYesNot currently hiringFine Arts Job Description (pdf)Dawna
Food ServicesYesYesNot currently hiringFood Services Job Description (pdf)Sandy
Graduate StudiesYesYesNot currently hiringVienna
HousekeepingYesYesNot currently hiringHousekeeping Job Description (pdf)Lauren
Intercultural StudiesYesNot currently hiringIntercultural Studies Job Description (pdf)Mekeyah
LibraryYesNot currently hiringT.J. Jones Library Job Description (pdf)Judy
Mail CenterYesNot currently hiringChristopher
MarketingYesYesNot currently hiringErica
Math & General StudiesYesNot currently hiringJodi
President's OfficeYesNot currently hiringPresident's Office Job Description (pdf)Bridget
Recreation & WellnessYesYesNot currently hiringPaul
RegistrarYesYesNot currently hiringRegistrars Job Description (pdf)Aimee
SecurityYesYesNot currently hiringJames
Social & Behavioral SciencesYesNot currently hiringSocial & Behavioral Sciences Job Description (pdf)Jonathan
Student AccountsYesNot currently hiringStudent Accounts Job Description (pdf)Carla
Student DevelopmentYesNot currently hiringStudent Life Job Description (pdf)Whitney