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Best careers to pursue with a bachelor of psychology

A degree in psychology is a great step toward a career. With this degree, which helps you to understand people, how they think and interact, you can take on jobs in a wide array of areas.

What is a Bachelor of Psychology?

A bachelor’s degree in psychology will build a foundation of understanding in the areas of psychopathology, personality, psychotherapy, and physiological psychology. You’ll explore the human mind and the scientific explanations for behavior as you grow your ability to help others improve their lives.

Develop skills in:

  • Key psychological theories, principles, and themes
  • Designing, conducting, and interpreting psychological research
  • Using critical thinking to inform and communicate professional judgements
  • Applying ethics to psychological practice

Careers in psychology

With highly developed people skills, critical thinking abilities, and communication expertise, career options for psychology majors are many. Here are a few of the top jobs for grades with a bachelor of psychology:

  • Mental health psychologist: Diagnose and treat client’s mental health challenges and illnesses.
  • Educational psychologist: This psychological specialty focuses on youth and education.
  • School psychologist: Focus on youth and education, working directly with children facing mental health challenges.
  • Social worker: Work with clients facing challenges such as poverty, abuse, addiction, and mental illness.
  • Counselor: Give guidance to clients on personal, relational, and mental health struggles.
  • Organizational psychologists: Apply your psychological skills to the business world and helping organizations with workplace productivity and the well-being of their employees.
  • Speech pathologists: Diagnose and treat various speech, language, and communication challenges.
  • Behavior therapists: Help treat self-destructive and unhealthy behaviors.

Want to know more about earning your bachelor of psychology?

Download this Psychology major one-sheet to see a description of the Psychology degree offered at North Central University and preview classes that you will take while earning your diploma.