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Girl’s Guide to Dorm Necessities

Sharing a dorm room can take some getting used to. Not only will your dorm potentially be smaller than your room at home, but you will have to be thoughtful of another person’s belongings and space as well. Even though it can be challenging to meld living styles, the experience of having a roommate will help you grow and also can be a ton of fun.

Making a girl’s dorm room feel like a home away from home isn’t as hard as you may think. While space might be limited, there are simple tips and tricks for dorm room organization to help your room feel like a fun, cozy place to unwind and relax at the end of a stressful day.

Here is our best list of dorm necessities and preparation tips for girls as you prepare for your next semesters in the dorm.

Collaborate with your roommate

One of the best ways to ease the transition into dorm living is to make sure that you and your roommate are on the same page. Will you bring your coffee pot, or is she bringing hers? Do you have a sofa, or does she have 2 comfy chairs that will fit better in your dorm room?

Your expectations for what furniture you want, your style preferences for the room, and even which appliances you are want to bring could differ greatly from your roommate’s. Communicating ahead of time is a great way to understand what each of you will be bringing to the room and help you prepare for sharing your space with them.

Bring extra toiletries

Your first few weeks of school will be incredibly busy, especially if you are involved in any extracurricular activities. It might be hard to find the time to run to the store when you run out of your favorite shampoo or mascara, so be sure to pack some extras so that you’re set past the first few weeks of the semester.

Challenge yourself to bring only the clothes you really need

While we fully acknowledge that you might want fifteen different dress options for church and other special occasions, the size of your dorm probably doesn’t realistically support all of the clothing options you have at home. Be mindful of your dorm room organization, and about the amount of space you will have for your clothes in the dorm.

Consider making a trip home at the semester break, or even once throughout the semester if you live nearby. Exchange most of your summer clothes for winter clothes, or vice versa in the spring. That way, you can maximize your options for the current season without filling every inch of space your dorm has to offer.

Bring a TV and some of your favorite movies

As you prepare for college during the winter, it is likely that you will want to host movie nights once in awhile. Bring a TV that can be easily set up in your dorm, along with some of your favorite movies for a night in with friends.

Board games, books, and some arts and crafts materials are other ways to easily pass the time with friends during the colder months in your dorm.

Look for a tapestry or other wall decor

No matter how much time you spend in your dorm during the school year, it can be nice to come back to a space that feels comforting and relaxing. Having a dorm room that is relaxing and welcoming can help make it a space for you and your friends to hang out in, especially during the winter months.

Make the dorm your own by bringing decor like Christmas lights, wall hangings, framed photos of yourself with friends or family, and a tapestry. Tapestries can be hung and fill almost a whole wall, giving your room its own vibe and helping it to feel like a space you want to spend time in.

Bring cleaning supplies

When you are living in the residence hall, it is inevitable that your room will need cleaning at some point. Having cleaning supplies on hand, like Clorox wipes, all-purpose spray, and dust cloths, can help make cleaning your dorm easy and convenient.

Invest in dorm organization tools

Ask yourself what dorm room stuff you truly need to bring with you for the school year. Have a plan for where it can go in the room, and how much you will use it. If you tend to over-pack when you head to school, it’s necessary to be smart about your dorm room organization. An extra shelving unit, under-the-bed boxes, or a small extra dresser can help you stay organized, even when space is limited. Be sure to talk to your roommate ahead of time, so that you can bring complementary items for your dorm.

Want to keep these tips in mind on the go, or while you pack for the fall semester? Download our free infographic.