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Guy’s Guide to Dorm Necessities

Stereotypically, there are a couple differences between what you’ll find in a guy’s dorm and a girl’s dorm. Everything from what’s in the fridge, to decor, to the… shall we say “fragrance” of the room can differ. Standards and accountability for dorm room organization vary, and in some dorm rooms, last night’s pizza boxes might still be laying open on the couch.

Disclaimer: we realize that these are just stereotypes. We fully acknowledge that there are many guys’ dorms out there that are tidy and welcoming, and many girl’s dorm rooms that are a mess.

Just speaking to the men for a minute, a bit of organization in your dorm room can go a long way. Whether you tend toward a messy room or a neat one, there are several dorm necessities that can improve both your experience and your dorm room organization.

Hear from the men of North Central residence halls

We’ve asked some of our NCU guys to fill us in on some of the best necessities for dorm living for guys (guy’s dorm?). Here’s what we learned:

Your residence hall will most likely have a bathroom and shower that is outside of your room, so be sure to bring a shower caddy to easily transport your shampoo, body wash, and any other shower necessities. There will probably be many times that you’re running behind, so having a quick grabable a shower caddy with all your things will be really helpful. Shower caddies can also be an important part of your dorm room organization and free from bathroom essentials lying around.

Residence halls are by nature a bit limited on space, so it’s really helpful to bring some extra storage boxes for clothes that won’t fit in your dresser and closet, or any extra dorm room stuff you want to bring to college. Under-the-bed boxes can be the perfect fit for your dorm since they can hold a variety of small to medium-sized items and be tucked out of site under your bed.

Your room will get messy and accumulate dust over the course of the year. Clorox wipes are the perfect go-to cleaning tool for easily wiping down messy surfaces in your dorm, from the bathroom to the blinds.

Having a hamper in your dorm will help keep your room tidy day to day. Dorm room organization is tough as your college schedule gets busy, so your hamper is an easy step to keeping your clothes off the floor. Your hamper will also be essential as you carry your laundry to the nearest laundry room in your residence hall. When you and your roommates all have laundry hampers, you are more likely to keep your clothes neat, and know when it’s time to do laundry every week or so.

As you prepare for months of doing laundry on campus, remember to bring detergent and dryer sheets as well. You’ll need to start doing laundry very soon after arriving on campus, so it is important that you have these dorm necessities from day one.

Depending on your meal plan at your college, you might have to make a few meals on your own. To maximize what you’re able to make in your own room, these appliances will come in handy as you make dinners or snacks. A crock pot or personal grill/sandwich maker can help you have some meals that feel more “homemade” while you’re away at school during the year.

An electric water boiler or coffee pot can also be a game changer if you like coffee and tea. Be sure to collaborate with your roommates when you decide to bring appliances so that you do not double up and can capitalize on what you each can bring.

Be sure to check before you move in to see if your dorm already has a fridge. If not, a mini fridge will help you keep great snacks and meals inside your dorm.

You’ll probably be able to collaborate with your roommates to bring some dishes for dorm cooking, but it’s important that the dishes you bring are microwave safe. That way, you’ll be able to easily cook and eat meals in your dorm.

Whether you intend to shop while you’re at school or not, you might find yourself accumulating some new clothes as you take on internships and participate in extracurricular activities. To prepare for any new clothes, bring some extra hangers you can store in your room.

  • Furniture and entertainment

Chat with your roommates about any furniture you want to have in your dorm, like a sofa, extra chair, or spare dresser. If you intend on having food in your dorm, you might also want to bring some extra shelving or a small pantry cabinet.

You might want to bring a television as well, since movie nights are particularly clutch during the winter months. You and your friends might even enjoy playing some video games in your dorm, so you can consider bringing your Xbox or PlayStation for entertainment.

Want to keep these tips in mind on the go, or while you pack for the fall semester? Download our free infographic.