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How to be involved in ministry over the summer

By Auston Nigg

Whether you’re in high school and still have a few weeks until school ends, or you’re in college and have already started summer break, you’re probably looking for ways to fill your extra free time with meaningful experiences.

One fulfilling way to spend some of your time in the summer is by getting involved in ministry. Being enrolled in a Christian university makes it very easy to stay involved in ministry opportunities during the school year but if you feel called to serve the Kingdom over the summer, connecting with a ministry can help you do that.

Get more involved in local church ministry events

Getting more involved in the church you currently attend or a new local church is always a great avenue to be exposed to more ministry opportunities. Many churches have several events in the summer planned for youth and kids ministries. They also may need help with setting up and organizing charitable events or block parties.

River Valley church has several block parties and even each year that are always in need of volunteers. Events like these are great opportunities to help a church with an event that is designed to initiate fellowship and potentially bring more and more people to Christ.

Many churches also need volunteers to help with summer youth and kids camps. These are very fun opportunities to show God’s love to kids and have a great time while doing it. Playing games, talking and praying with students, and making new friends with other leaders that you can depend on is a great way to spend a week or two of your summer.

All it takes to find events like these is showing up to church on a Sunday, listening to the announcements and asking questions.

Church missions trips

When attending, or considering attending a Christian university, many students are very intrigued by the idea of participating in missions trips. Usually these take place early in the summer, leaving plenty of time to get involved in another one if that is something you are passionate about. Many churches are always offering 1 or 2 short missions trips opportunities that allow you to try the experience without a long-term commitment or even to return year after year because you loved helping people so much the first time around. Explore missions trips being offered by churches or organizations in your area. This website has many tools for finding a the missions trip you are most passionate about.

Start your own ministry

This is obviously easier said than done, but if want to get into full time ministry, you could start your own ministry over your summer break! Why wait until after college to kick off your dream? Lots of churches are looking for great speakers or entertainers to come share the gospel with kids, youth, and adults. The best way to get into that field is to start getting your name out there and just do it.

Kyle Jorris MinistryKyle Jorris, North Central University Graduate of 2018 and creator of Kyle Jorris Ministries, decided he was not going to wait until after college to do exactly what he wanted to do. He created a promotional video of him juggling, unicycling, performing magic tricks, etc. and began developing contacts at churches to send it to. Four years later, he is traveling full time to states all across the country to do what he loves. He is now developing his own online ministry curriculum for churches to use and creating music videos and other entertaining ideas to promote his ministry.

If ministry is something you see as a full time option in your future than there is no better time than now to start building towards that goal. If this is the case, be sure to consider this as an option and start working on your personal ministry this summer. If you aren’t sure yet and you just want to help wherever you can get involved in a church and support their events. Whatever you choose, stay focused on what ministry is all about. If you keep God as the centerpiece, your ministry efforts this summer will be something you can be proud of.

Need some spiritual inspiration over the summer?

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