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How to finish your semester strong

By Katie Meek

It’s been a long semester and you can’t wait to be finished with another year of school. Warmer weather is calling, and you probably have big plans for the summer.

While you’ve worked hard throughout the year to get to where you are, it can be tempting to try to slide through your finals, procrastinate, or stressfully cram last-minute studying in. However, to end with solid final grades, make all your hard work worth it, and ensure that you’ve retained everything you learned this semester, you should strive to finish your semester strong.

Three tips for finishing your semester strong

Get Organized

College at a Christian university isn’t easy. Academic expectations are high, and many students are also fitting jobs and extra-curricular activities into their already crazy schedules.

As finals week quickly approaches, it’s necessary to plan out your time. Write out your assignments, exams, and responsibilities for the week, blocking out significant, designated amounts of time for each.

When you are setting aside time to study, think through the times of day that you learn best. Prioritize getting a good night’s sleep and eating a healthy breakfast so that your mind is ready to absorb all the necessary information.

It’s best to study in 40-minute increments with breaks in between. Having multiple different studying methods can also help as you switch between different exams that you are studying for.

As you begin your study time, ramp up by reading notes, creating your own study guide a couple days before the exam, and writing down any important facts, formulas, etc.

Good vibes only

When you are setting up your study space, create a positive mindset for yourself. Your thoughts impact your actions, which then produce results and beliefs about your knowledge and your capabilities in your finals. You have incredible potential when you consistently tell yourself positive affirmations and set realistic goals.

It’s also helpful for you to know your learning style. Do you need silence to study? Visit the Minneapolis Public Library for an off-campus study spot. If you like white noise while you read or create a study guide, check out some of the best local coffee shops while you prepare for finals.

Don’t go it alone

Remember, you’re surrounded by others who also need to study and are feeling the weight of finals! Find a friend, roommate, or classmate and quiz each other on your study guides. Find creative ways to review with each other, like role-playing teaching the subject, creating flash cards or a matching game, or drawing a picture/representation of the concept you are trying to learn.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your classmates are right alongside you through these last few stressful days, so work together towards success!

Need some free study music?

Download the Worship Live album: Hearts on Fire, created by North Central students and alumni.