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How to start your search for a Christian university

Your college decision is important. Probably one of the most important decisions of your life.

During your time in college, you will likely be on your own for the first time, you will be academically and socially challenged, and you will make lifelong relationships. Choosing which university to attend will significantly affect your next few years, so take your time and do your research.

Perhaps you already know that you want to attend a Christian university, but you’re not sure where to go from there. Maybe you’re asking, “What is a Christian university?” If that feels like you, or if you’re just looking for a few extra resources, we have some tips for you as you search for a Christian university.

Top tips for starting your Christian university search

Make a college wish list

Whether you’ve been on the college hunt for awhile, or if you are just beginning your search, it is important (and fun) to make a wish list. What are must-have qualities of your future Christian university?

Maybe you have a hobby or niche that you would like to connect with others about at a college. Do you want to play a sport at your university?  If a high-quality living space is essential for you, be sure to jot that down. Most importantly, if you know which degree you would like to pursue, you will want to search for a private Christian university that offers that major, or even prioritize schools that specialize in that program.

Explore college search sites

Did you know that there are several college-specific search sites available? Niche and Christian Connector are two popular sites that offer countless helpful statistics about colleges and universities. You can search just about anything from your wish list on these sites, such as a city, state, major, or school ranking for “on-campus life.” These sites will help you answer your question, “What is a Christian university?” by offering student and faculty reviews on a variety of aspects of the school.

Ask Google

While this may seem like an obvious search tool, you would be surprised how helpful and specific your results can be as you look for various aspects of a future college home. No matter which questions you need answered, searching on Google can help you gain clarity about college life and the logistics of applying to a Christian university. Find answers on everything from how to decide on a college to what chapel will be like.

Suggested Google search terms for your Christian college search:
  • Christian university near me
  • Christian university in Minneapolis
  • Christian universities downtown
  • Christian university with (your desired degree) major

Next Step – visit

Once you have completed some or all of the above steps, visiting private Christian universities that you are interested in will help narrow down your list and indicate aspects of specific schools that you love. You will have an unparalleled view of a school after you have toured it, and you will be able to better understand which college is best for you.

Start with North Central University

If you’re looking for a Christian university that offers a Christ-centered community of students, faculty who care about mentoring and helping you, and powerful daily chapel worship, North Central might be a good fit.

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