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How you can achieve your goals with an Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Your decision to go to college will change your life. From the unique community that you can experience when you attend a Christian university, to the academically rigorous schedule, you will grow in new and exciting ways.

While you undoubtedly have expectations for what types of training and skills you want to have when you graduate from college, it can still be tough to choose a specific major when you first decide to attend college. In fact, it’s pretty normal for students to agonize over choosing a degree.

The options may look endless, and it can seem daunting to choose a career path.

How to choose a degree: start with your interests

Ask yourself what you’re passionate about, or the types of abilities that you want to have for your career after graduation.

What degree will help you get to the exact job that you are looking for? What major answers the age-old question “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Sometimes, your dream job is not simply attained via one degree program. By combining two degrees, you can create and pursue a unique major that suits your passions and goals.

An interdisciplinary studies major can help you decide on the perfect degree by allowing you to customize your program with two complementary fields of study.

What is interdisciplinary studies?

A degree perfect for your goals

With its uniquely customizable qualities, an interdisciplinary studies degree can help you mold your ideal major. The flexibility of the interdisciplinary studies major allows you to choose two different, but complementary degrees to study in college. There are many different combinations of programs available, and many degrees to choose from as you look to shape your degree. Some of these programs include Pastoral Studies, Sports Management, American Sign Language and Interpreting, and more.

When you choose to pursue an interdisciplinary studies major, you are able to meet with your department chair or advisor to ensure the compatibility of your two degrees. Professors will walk alongside you as you successfully complete your unique degree program.

A well-rounded degree, customized by you

The ability to combine two programs into one well-rounded degree allows you to become a marketable graduate at the end of your time in college. As you choose your degrees, you will become specialized in multiple areas, directly preparing you for jobs that require a variety of skills. For example, combining a degree like Business Administration with Teaching English as a Foreign Language could give you an excellent foundation for doing business overseas, or incorporating your strategic skills in missions opportunities.

A combination of complementary degrees gives you the groundwork you need to have momentum right after graduation. Your unique qualifications from an interdisciplinary studies degree will help you to stand out among other graduates as you look for jobs post college.

Want to learn more about an interdisciplinary studies major?

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