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Jeff Grenell joins North Central as Next Gen Specialist

North Central University announced today that youth evangelist Jeff Grenell has joined the NCU staff as the Next Gen Specialist. He will serve in Advancement with a focus on recruiting and external partnerships for NCU.

Grenell previously served at North Central in numerous capacities from 2005–2015. He holds both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Evangel University, and is one of the most valued voices in America when it comes to teenagers and youth ministry. He is the founder of ythology, an organization that exists to resource, mentor, and inspire organizations to better communicate to a younger generation in the 21st century.

President Scott Hagan sees this as a tremendous opportunity for NCU. “Jeff Grenell loves North Central,” Hagan said. “His value to our university during this next season will be critical. He is without a doubt one of the most connected and sought-after speakers and thinkers in the country, and will be a true champion for NCU.”

At youth events, Grenell will continue his focus on leading young people into relationship or deeper relationship with Christ. He is passionate about Christian higher education and will now have opportunities to introduce students to options at North Central.

Grenell sees the Lord’s hand in orchestrating this move. “All of us have a purpose in life. And when we are aligned to that purpose, our lives become so much more fulfilled,” Grenell said. “I am beyond excited to work in education again and be a part of NCU in shaping the next generation of young people to lead the Kingdom of God in the marketplace and in the ministry.”

While youth ministry is often a starting place for some in their career, Grenell knows his place is to remain there. “When God called me early in life to lead the younger generation, I told Him I would do it until He told me to do something else,” he reflected. “After 34 years in Youth Leadership, He hasn’t told me to do anything else! And I believe that there is no greater way to assure the sustainability of the Church than to shape the young people who will lead the Church to its greatest days. I look forward to recruiting and educating the next great leaders who will impact the world in every sector of society.”

Grenell is serving on behalf of North Central at scheduled events this spring and anticipates a continued full roster of events throughout 2018.