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Top 6 Cozy Study Spots in Minneapolis

It’s the end of January and that means… at least 2 more months of winter await us! Cabin fever might be knocking at your door. But not to worry, Bridgett Boeke ’20, a third-year college student and expert on all things cozy created a list of all of her favorite spots in Minneapolis to buckle down on homework and cozy up in the cold.

Top 6 cozy Minneapolis study spots

As a college student, I’m well versed in the different moods of productivity. There’s the I’m-aware-that-I’m-needlessly-fancy mood where you spend an hour getting the perfect outfit together only to go study out in public by yourself; there’s the hi-I’m-your-local-hipster mood where you just have to wear that perfect flannel and wire frame glasses to sit and make 11 Spotify playlists with short yet clever titles, and then, there’s the I-just-need-to-get-stuff-done which, let’s be honest, is where we find ourselves most of the time. So if that’s you, you’re in the right place.

Whatever mood you find yourself in, here are six Minneapolis study spots that are sure to give you good hygge vibes and maximize your downtown campus location.

Spyhouse Northeast

If you’re looking for the obvious answer, Spyhouse Northeast has to make the list. The aesthetic of worn wood and industrial lighting will surely warm your cold Midwestern heart. Everyone knows the coffee is delicious, but if you’re really looking to up your cozy game, go with any of the tea. It’s less pricey and Spyhouse’s tea is truly like nothing you’ve ever experienced (plus, you won’t have to worry about late night jitters. Can I get an amen).

This is also my favorite location for early morning studying. Spyhouse before 9 a.m. is flooded with natural light and the smell of productivity—and the best part: no people.

The Hennepin County Library

One of the hidden gems of Minneapolis (in my humble opinion) is the Hennepin Central Library. This place is the best. As the largest library in the state, it’s home to over 2.4 million books and dozens of study spots. You could go to the YA lit section on the third floor, you could go to the Dunn Brothers downstairs, or even reserve a private study room for projects. They have computers, bean bag chairs, large tables… the possibilities are endless. Not you mention you have millions of resources at your disposal for whatever assignment you’re working on.

And while you’re there you can check out a fun book #noexcuses.

The Open Book Museum

The Open Book Museum is not only conveniently close to campus, but also big enough to offer a variety of study locations. There’s a coffee shop, tucked away rooms, open seating options, and a writing loft all in one convenient location. They also don’t play any music so you never have to worry about competing noise or randomly loud indie-hipster jams.

top 6 cozy spots in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts – Mia

I know when people think “art museum” their first thought isn’t “oh yeah, that’s a good place to crank out my exegesis.” But the Minneapolis Institute of Art has a ton of little tucked away corners and couches… and yes a coffee shop (for all intents and purposes, let’s just assume every public place in Minneapolis offers a coffee shop, okay?). The MIA also offers some great outdoor seating in the summertime and some quiet corners in the winter. It’s free to get in and you can embrace some art while you’re there. Win-win.

The Lynhall

Two words people: Free Refills.

If you’re a black coffee person—first of all good job—and second, the Lynhall is one of the few places in the city that has unlimited refills on coffee (just so you know, Penny’s also offers this little blessing). They have a nice open space with lots of windows, they’ve got and a full menu of drink, food, and bakery items and a ton of group seating options. They also have free parking lot. Which is priceless.

Your Dorm

I know I know, it’s kind of a lame answer. But if you’re really looking to go full throttle in your search of coziness, your room is probably the best place to don your grout-fit (grey outfit) and fuzzy socks. For maximum cozy vibes kick on a cozy playlist curated just for you, make some coffee that costs you a whopping $0, and wrap yourself up in your comforter like a happy little burrito.

top 6 cozy spots in Minneapolis

We all do our fair share of studying in college, so finding an environment that works for you is key. It’s all about how to limit distractions and take advantage of the unique benefits that each location has to offer. Whether your cranking out a paper, reading your textbooks, or just doing some assignments, we all do our best work when we’re comfortable.

Location matters when you’re choosing where to go to school for the next four years, so having a downtown location is definitely an advantage of attending North Central University. With access to public transportation and tons of coffee shops and restaurants within walking distance, opportunities here are immense!