Here's why your education will be better at a Christian University.

Why your education will be better at a Christian university

Christian education is an investment. And the effects of attending a Christian college can be life-changing. As you contemplate choosing a Christian higher education or taking the route of a secular university, consider that these few years are a chance to capitalize on time surrounded by believing friends and professional, supportive faculty. While numerous institutions offer exceptional academics, the academic experience at a Christian university is unique.

5 reasons Christian colleges have strong academics:

  • Academic excellence from a Christian perspective can be life-changing.Whether you grew up attending Christian schools, or if a Christian university would be your first experience in Christian education, you will likely be taught at a deeper theological and intellectual level than before.Each course will include a Christ-centered component. You will be encouraged and challenged to dive into Scripture and understand your belief in Christ Jesus and how that impacts your degree, so that will have a firm foundation as you head into the workforce. Corporate worship and prayer incorporated into a day full of accounting, elementary education or journalism classes can help you cultivate a long-term balance between work and your relationship with the Lord.
    Hear more from the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities about the impact of religion in higher education. 
  • Academics in Christian higher education give a foundation for applying their faith in the workplace-no matter the field.
    The heart of Christian institutions is to help students understand the character of Christ and to grow in their faith. Students emerge from those institutions conducting themselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel—which can make a great impact in their workplace.

    Read about one North Central student who used his Christ-centered education at his internship with the Minnesota Vikings. 

    Co-workers and others who come in contact with Christian students notice a difference in their attitude, demeanor and the way they treat others. Not to mention, students who graduate from Christian universities are equipped to interview graciously, and work hard (unto the Lord) at top tier jobs.

  • Biblically-grounded faculty members are passionate teachers and professionals in their field.
    Christian institutions work hard to employ faculty who are experts in their professions, and have a personal relationship with Jesus. Faculty members often participate in chapel and other events in order to come alongside students and show their dedication to the mission of the institution.Faculty at Christian institutions are as devoted to teaching from a Biblical perspective as they are to providing students with the best instruction necessary for them to succeed in their field. Professors will push students to simultaneously stand out in their field and be Christian leaders as they enter the workforce.
  • Oftentimes class sizes are small, fostering student-faculty relationships that go beyond the degree program and can result in a lifelong mentorship.
    Faculty at Christian institutions are deeply invested in their students. They offer support and outstanding resources for students both in and out of the classroom. Professors know each student by name and can often be a resource for graduates throughout their careers.This results in a customized education. Faculty are attentive to the needs of each student, and work to help each student follow their calling.
  • Learning alongside other believers provides an uplifting environment.
    Depending on your area of study, you might be preparing yourself for a career in a secular environment. The opportunity to learn alongside other believers is unique and worth taking advantage of during your time in college.Long-term relationships can be formed with your classmates at a Christian university. The conversations, relationships and experiences you encounter during your time at a Christian university will equip you with encouragement and zeal for challenges you face after graduation.

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