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North Central University is a private, Christian university located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, MN. Offering undergraduate degrees, online degrees, and graduate degrees, North Central will prepare you with the skills you need for your career and ministry.

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Celebrating the 2022 Faculty of the Year

NCU celebrates excellence in faculty North Central University is pleased to announce the recipients of its annual Faculty of the Year awards. These awards recognize professors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership through excellent teaching and mentoring, and achievement within academic disciplines. The awards are given to one faculty member who has served up to 9 years at North Central, and…

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New leadership, new look for library

It’s not every day that a historic building gets a brand-new look on the interior, but that’s exactly what’s happening at North Central University this summer as the second floor of the T. J. Jones Library undergoes major renovations. Funded by generous donors through North Central’s annual Give Day fundraiser in March, the library’s collection on the second floor is…

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The Church's Call to Action

A SENTIMENT re: Roe vs Wade Reversal Written by Monte Powell Yesterday was a victory for life. However, yesterday is just the beginning of a greater call that follows this decision. Believers... Today isn’t the time to shout your victory in anger at those who believe differently than you. This isn’t about a political party.  Today is the day to…

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Juneteenth celebration: Growing in love and cultural understanding

Written by ShaeLynn Erickson One of North Central University’s core desires as an institution is to love our neighbors well. This heavenly calling guides the way we interact with the world around us—especially in the Twin Cities. More than three million people from countless nations and ethnic backgrounds call the Twin Cities home. While it can be challenging to to…

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