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North Central University is a private, Christian university located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, MN. Offering undergraduate degrees, online degrees, and a graduate degree, North Central will prepare you with the skills you need for your career and ministry.

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SUZY Marketing Strategy with Fruitsnacks

Fruitsnack project with SUZY Marketing

Written by: Mark Skeba, MBA Kellogg University Assistant Professor in the College of Business and Technology at North Central University   In late fall 2019, my class at North Central University in Minneapolis had the unique opportunity to work on fruit snack concepts for a local Fortune 500 food manufacturer. It was a great opportunity to develop, prototype, and test…

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How College Seniors Can Find Closure in the Wake of COVID-19

Written by NCU senior entrepreneurship major, Victoria Cortese, Class of 2020. Hey Seniors, It’s over. Well, not quite, but it feels like it is. We still have our virtual learning to complete, but due to the spread of COVID-19, our in-person college classes are finished. If you’re like me, you thought you had more time to process the end. Your…

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7 Career paths for a Computer Science major

Written by: Colin Miller, MA Religion Liberty University Assistant Professor and Director in the College of Business and Technology at North Central University So, you are a senior and you are about to graduate with a bachelors in Computer Science or Information Technology. You have a few questions: Am I equipped to get a job in IT? How much can…

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10 ways to make the most of social-distancing

Nearly every student across the country right now is working virtually from home. From freshmen who were just getting the hang of their first year, to seniors who didn’t know their time in the classroom was ending abruptly. It would be easy to fall into a doomsday slump, but with this new-found down time, we have the opportunity to learn,…

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