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Black History Month Untold Stories

February is a Black History Month, dedicated to honoring the triumphs and hardships of African Americans throughout history and taking time to intentionally celebrate black culture, art, and music. We are going to focus more on the history of Black History Month and highlighting African Americans stories that have gone under the radar but changed the course of history.

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Black History Month

Although black history and culture should be celebrated all year long, we set a dedicated time to intentionally recognize the history and resilience of the black community during the month of February. While North Central University has specific events, speakers, and social media campaigns during February for Black History Month, there are many other ways in which you can be mindful during this month and celebrate!

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Top 6 Cozy Study Spots in Minneapolis

It’s the end of January and that means… at least 2 more months of winter await us! Cabin fever might be knocking at your door. But not to worry, Bridgett Boeke ’20, a third-year student and expert on all things cozy create a list of all of her favorite spots in Minneapolis to buckle down on homework and cozy up in the cold.

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How to start a business in college

Starting a business in college probably sounds daunting, maybe even impossible. Hear from Miriam Barnhart ’19 as she shares her journey through the North Central University Entrepreneurship degree program and talks about the business she recently launched from her college apartment.

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