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How to identify the best undergraduate christian education programs

Teachers shape people. You know that from experience. If you think your calling is in education, you’ve probably had teachers who inspired you. You may also sense how difficult it is to be an excellent teacher. In the best undergraduate Christian education programs, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge to perform a teacher’s complex tasks well. You’ll also grow in the character and wisdom needed to become a positive, life-shaping influence on your students.

Knowledge that serves people

Effective teaching requires competence in several areas. Look for a school that will train you in each of the following:

  • Curriculum development: Whether you’re planning a lesson or a semester, curriculum development requires coordinating your knowledge of several things, including the subject, appropriate methods to teach it, and your students’ developmental stage.
  • Teaching methods: You’ll need to develop an understanding of different kinds of students and their learning styles. You’ll also learn various strategies for approaching different kinds of subject matter.
  • Classroom management: Learning to keep a large group of children engaged and productive is vital, whether you’re teaching kindergarten or high school juniors.
  • Subject knowledge: Particularly to teach in secondary schools, knowledge of a particular field of study is essential.
  • Technology: You’ll need to learn to use technology that enhances your students’ learning.

The best education programs will also offer real-world experience. Teaching is a profession focused on communicating with people. The opportunity to put what you’re learning into practice plays a major role in your development as an educator.

Also, look for programs that emphasize vocational mentorship. Mentors who care about you and your calling can encourage you by identifying your strengths and help you meet your greatest challenges. They’ll be invested in helping you become an effective professional.

Lastly, make sure your program focuses on preparing you for your state licensure exam.

Wisdom and character that shape lives

As a Christian, you know that teaching is a calling, not just a job. Learning skills, gaining experience, and even getting your teaching license is not enough. To serve well, look for a program with a solid biblical and theological curriculum and a commitment to helping you grow in Christian character.

The Bible doesn’t offer detailed teaching methodologies or curriculum development strategies. But it still has much to say about the teaching profession. Scripture gives you foundational knowledge about God, humans, and creation. This provide the big picture you need to understand any Christian calling. The Bible also offers teaching models for you to reflect on, from the book of Proverbs to Jesus and the apostles.

Look for a program in which your professors and classmates will care about your character and your faith, not just the development of your skills. If you’ve had teachers who inspired you, most likely you were impressed by their patience, kindness, generosity or other virtues. Their knowledge and their character together made them influential.

A sacred calling

Parents—and society as a whole—place a lot of trust in teachers. It’s a noble profession and a sacred calling. To prepare for it well, look for a program that will provide knowledge and skills, practical experience, wise mentors, and a Christian perspective.

Contact North Central University to learn more about our school of education. Through clinicals with practicing classroom teachers, you’ll gain real-world experience. Our faculty is committed to mentorship. We’re a Christian community where you’ll grow in your faith, and all students receive foundational biblical and theological training through our Christian Studies core.

Find out if NCU may be the right place to prepare for your sacred calling.

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