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Our Christian Community

Students pray in a small group at North Central.

This is what a Christian university should feel like.

Staying rooted in faith and committed to following Christ as you deal with everyday challenges is easier if you have support, guidance, and friendship. The relationships you form at North Central—with friends, dorm leaders, professors, and staff—will provide you with the community you need as you grow in your faith.

Find friends at a Christian college

Sometimes, the best way to learn something new about your relationship with God, challenge yourself in your faith, or get a pick-me-up when you’re feeling down is to spend time in fellowship with friends. And you’ll make plenty of friends at North Central. The people you live with in your living hall, those you meet in classes, student organizations, and intramural sports, and the community around you in daily chapel, and service opportunities will give you a big, loving network of friends that you can laugh with and confide in.

Become, and be mentored by discipleship leaders

Each floor in the residence halls has not only a Resident Advisor (RA), but also a team of Discipleship Leaders who work with the RA to encourage community on the floor and lead weekly LifeCore! small group meetings.

Experience bold mentorship from your faculty

The professors at North Central are an important part of the spiritual support system we have on campus. Even if you have a concern or question that may seem out of the scope of the classroom, our professors are ready and available to help guide you and mentor you in any way they can.

Learn more about bold mentorship at North Central.

Want to know what college life is like at a Christian university?

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