Should I transfer colleges?

Should I transfer colleges?

By Janelle Higdon

If you are currently attending a college or university, but don’t feel like it’s the right fit, it might be time to ask yourself a few things. You may start with a simple question like “should I transfer colleges?” But you should also dig deeper, all the way to questions at the root of your college discontentment—questions like “will my college help me attain my long-term goals?”

We’re here to be your college transfer help. Start with these simple questions to guide your transfer decision.

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7 Questions to ask before making a college transfer

  1. Do I resonate with the mission and vision of my current school?
    It’s important to be on the same page as the university that you’re attending.If the school you’re currently attending doesn’t embrace the same beliefs that you hold, you may want to consider a college transfer to a school with a shared perspective. The mission that a university holds will affect everything that students experience—from classes to campus community.If you’re considering transferring from a public, secular university to a private, Christian college and are not sure about the value of a degree at a Christian college, check out this information from the CCCU about how earning your degree at a Christian university can positively impact your life.
  2. Am I learning enough in my current classes?
    Your college journey is, after all, an education. So whether you’re currently attending a community college or a private university, consider if you’re learning enough in your current classes.If you’re wondering what “enough” is, ask yourself also if you’re feeling academically challenged, and if you have a good balance of courses that suit your interests. This will help you to determine if you should transfer to a new college.
  3. Is my university helping me reach my long-term goals?
    If you’re making a financial investment in a university education, you probably have a long-term goal in mind. To earn a degree in business administration or worship leading. To launch a career as an entrepreneur. To get connected with opportunities and salaries which require a college degree.Your university’s career services should also be able to connect you with resources about finding a job. Additionally, attending a university that is near a city with opportunities can provide you with job and internship opportunities.Whatever your long-term goals are, be sure that the college you’re attending is helping you work toward and meet those goals.
  4. Am I connecting with faculty?
    There’s a good chance that someone on campus will be helping you meet those long-term goals of yours, and it’s most likely your faculty. If the college or university that you’re currently attending doesn’t have supportive faculty, or you’re not connecting well with your faculty, it might be time to consider a college transfer.Faculty can be some of the most impactful mentors throughout your time in college. When you’re visiting a new school that you’re considering transferring to, ask to meet with the faculty in your department.
  5. Do I have opportunities to get involved in campus activities?
    Interested in extra-curricular activities? Music? Athletics? Student leadership? Is your college or university offering the opportunities that you’re looking for beyond just academic growth?Be sure that the college or university you’re attending has plenty of opportunities for student leadership, and the academic and athletic offerings that you’re excited to plug in to. If not, it might be time to consider a college transfer.
  6. Is the campus community what I’m looking for?
    Your college campus will become your home. Whether you’re a commuter or live in a college residence hall, you will spend a lot of time in campus buildings, interacting with staff and other students, and the community that you experience during that time matters.Every campus community has a different energy and feel. And the best way to determine if you like a campus community is to immerse yourself in it. If you’re unsure about your current community, take time to visit a few different colleges and universities to guide your decision.
  7. Will my investment pay off?
    College costs money. That’s no secret. But it is undeniably an investment. Evaluate your college or university from a quality and value standpoint. And the answer to the question of value is really found in the questions above. If a university ticks most of those boxes for you, they will offer you a truly valuable education!You will of course consider the cost of tuition and the financial aid that you receive, but most of all, if your university has a thriving community, beliefs that you embrace, faculty who are invested in you, and connections for your future, it is a worthwhile investment.

TransferDecisionWorksheetPreview.pngNeed help with your decision?

Download a free Transfer Decision Worksheet! Use it to score your current school and evaluate if now is a good time to transfer to a new college or university.

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