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Financial Aid

100% of North Central students receive financial aid.

NCU alumni Zues
Zeus Vital '13
“I am the first in my family to graduate, and it was the scholarships and other perks at North Central University that helped me maintain my college career.”
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NCU alumni
Josiah Kennealy '13
“My family endured some trying times during my college years. But North Central University worked with us to make my education a reality. Attending North Central was a very practical investment in preparing for ministry and for life.”
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North Central is one of the most affordable, accredited Christian colleges in the nation.

And we’re here to help you

Paying for college can fell overwhelming. There’s no doubt about it—a college education costs money. But earning your college degree is one of the best investments of time and resources you’ll ever make. Making that investment at North Central University comes at a significantly lower price than many other Christian universities in the area.

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Value beyond the numbers

The bottom line of your student bill is not all that matters when you’re comparing college costs. At North Central University, we offer a degree that will prepare you for your career and ministry goals after graduation.

Need evidence? Here are some other numbers that matter:

  • 89% of North Central students said that after receiving financial aid, we were as affordable or more affordable than their other college choices.
  • Students who attend CCCU* schools have the highest loan repayment rate and the lowest loan default rate (only 6.3%).
  • Minneapolis offers great opportunities for jobs and internships during and after college. Also, Minneapolis has one of the lowest unemployment rates for large metropolitan areas in the nation according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cutting the price tag

How families just like yours are affording a North Central University education

Families just like mine? Really?

Really. North Central has students from all economic backgrounds. Take a look at our students’ family incomes:

  • 14%
  • 23%
  • 27%
  • 16%
  • 20%
(Graphic specific to NCU: 2014/15 family income distribution for students applying for financial aid)
So how much does North Central cost?
2018-2019 Cost

Cost includes:

  • $23,540 for tuition
  • $4,130 for housing (residence hall rates vary)
  • $3,270 for meal plan (varies with meal plan choice)
  • $700 for fees (student services & activities)
2014-2015 Comparison
Average midwest 4-year private colleges
Average national 4-year private colleges
North Central University
That’s a lot of money. How can my family afford that?
Sticker Price
Actual Cost
To answer that, let's first discuss

That’s the sticker price. It’s big and daunting, but for most families at North Central, it’s not the number they’ll actually be working with.


First, we subtract scholarships—up to $12,000 (based on merit).


Next, we subtract grants—up to $10,745.


Finally, we subtract student loans, up to $7,500.

Actual cost

What we’re left with is the actual cost, often significantly less than the original sticker price. It is the amount left over after scholarships, grants, and student loans have been accounted for.

So how much can I expect my actual cost to be?

Short answer?

It varies.

While the actual cost of North Central is different for each family, based on merit, need levels, and other eligibility criteria, the average financial aid package for incoming students last year was $13,000.

100% of new NCU students will receive a scholarship and/or grants—gift money that doesn’t need to be repaid.

Use our Net Price Calculator to estimate your total personal cost of attending North Central.

Then I’m guessing I’ll come out with $100,000+ in loans, right?

Not even close.

You may have heard the shocking stories of six-figure college debt…

But of the students at NCU who borrow, average student loan debt is $29,403—a far cry from the amounts we often hear cited.

In fact, 15% of NCU students graduate with NO debt at all! And, of students who take out loans, 14.7% graduate with less than $15,000 in debt.

At North Central you’ll have access to programs and tools that will help you  maximize the power of your hard earned dollars:

  • Scholarships, grants, and loans can help you pay for your education and keep your debt manageable after you graduate.
  • Finish in Four. Most of the more than 120 academic programs North Central offers are structured to require just 124 credits, permitting students to quickly and efficiently accumulate the credits they need to graduate on time with less debt.
  • Block Tuition. Also known as a “flat-rate” plan, North Central’s Block Tuition program lets students take 12-18 credit hours each semester (fall and spring) for the same price. Consequently, families can reduce the amount of time it takes students to complete their degrees, budget more efficiently, save money each year, and minimize debt upon graduation.
  • Financial Boot Camp. Students can sign up for this four-day intensive workshop that addresses key areas of personal financial management like budgeting, saving, and reducing debt. In addition, many of these students continue on with North Central staff-and-faculty-led “Financial Accountability in Leadership Clubs,” where attendees receive monthly instruction on giving to the Kingdom, building personal wealth, and overall support in setting and meeting their personal financial objectives.
That’s still a good chunk of change. How will I repay that?

NCU grads are successful.

  • NCU students develop a great work ethic, starting with 1,800+ on-campus job opportunities.
  • 100% of NCU students have participated in an internship, work opportunity, or student teaching experience by the time they graduate—great preparation for after they leave.
  • The Twin Cities are home to 18 Fortune 500 companies, giving students great opportunities to get an internship, find a job, and build a career.

As a result, NCU grads are able to pay back their loans.

What will I get for my money?
Your professors: World-class teachers. Passionate mentors.
Student-to-faculty ratio
God. Every day. Together.
1,000 empty sanctuary seats–because students are on their feet praising Jesus.
Opportunity at your doorstep.
Find jobs, internships, and adventures in one of America’s best cities.
A spirit-empowered community that shares your love for Christ.
Choose from nearly 30 campus clubs and organizations. Commit to one (or more) of 250+ student leadership positions.
Experience for the future.
18 Fortune 500 companies in the Twin Cities with numerous internship opportunities.

The fact is, thousands of young people have graduated from North Central with a minimum of debt, employing their highly relevant degrees to start businesses, charter orphanages, raise millions of dollars for humanitarian causes, lead political movements, practice law, and preach to multitudes.

Ok, so what’s next?