7 networking events happening in Minneapolis for college students

6 networking events for students in the Twin Cities

College is a great time to start building your network but it is easy to feel trapped in a bubble. Minneapolis has many great (free) networking opportunities that can get you off campus and in the midst of working professionals. Hello internships and job opportunities! Here is our list of 6 networking opportunities that are perfect for students!

The best networking opportunities for students

  1. Latitude Co.- Latitude is an amazing creative marketing agency that understand the importance of impacting the triple bottom line. They have open doors every Wednesday morning (follow them on Instagram for a reminder) 8:30am-9:30am for anyone and everyone who is interested in making connections or possibly even working there. Plus, they have an amazing North Loop studio that will make you feel inspired!
  2. Creative Mornings Minneapolis-CMM is a networking event that happens once a month and they bring in local professional to speak on a topic. There is coffee, conversation, and connections to be made!
  3. HR– If you are wanting to go into Human Resources, this is a great event for you!
  4. Christian Business-Wether you want to go into business or not, this is a great place to make connections with shakers and movers of Minneapolis!
  5. Non-Christian Business-Touch shoulders with professionals in Minneapolis! Who knows if a job or internship could come out of it?
  6. Marketing-If you are wanting to go into marketing after college, this is a great opportunity to meet with like-minded people and make connections before you even graduate!

Whether you are a freshman just starting out in your degree program, or a senior looking for their next steps after college, attending networking events is a beneficial and successful way to make all the right connections. Jobs, internships, or life long friends can be found at these events and you will carry these connection with you through life!

7 networking events in Minneapolis for college students

Not sure what to say at a networking event?

Download this easy-reference list of networking questions that you can ask when you’re networking. Use them as conversation starters while meeting new people, and get a glimpse into various career paths by asking great questions.

best networking questions to ask

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