Paying for college

Are Christian colleges worth the cost?

Are Christian colleges worth the cost?

You’ve started looking at colleges or universities that you’re interested in. You might have grown up in a Christian home, and want to go to a school that shares many of your deeply held values and beliefs. Or you might have recently become a Christian, and want to go to a school that will help your faith grow and put down roots. But you might be noticing that Christian colleges are private colleges. And private schools often cost more than pubic schools. So is going to a Christian university worth the cost?

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how to become financially stable while still in college

6 ways to get your finances in order while still in college

Getting your finances in order while still in college can set you up well  when the real financial obligations begin to pile up and student loans kick in. Unless it has to do with loans or your weekly coffee budget, college finances aren’t often talked about so it’s hard to know where to start.

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10 tips for finding the best college scholarships

Scholarships are free money for college, and they will help you to graduate with the least amount of debt possible! Here are our tips and resources on finding college scholarships. Enter to win a $1,000 scholarship to North Central University!

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Cup of Coffee and stack of books at affordable Christian colleges

What is an affordable Christian college anyway?

Is “affordable college” an oxymoron? It might seem like it. Even many state universities now cost $25,000 or more per year, when you include room and board. A quality college education isn’t cheap. It can be affordable, though. It’s within your reach. You can find affordable Christian colleges that offer exceptional, Christ-centered education.

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