Making of Breath of Heaven

Making of: Breath of Heaven

Every other year, North Central students and faculty collaborate to release an original worship album through the Worship Live program. The project highlights the amazing

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How to turn your Christian music bachelors degree into your dream job!

Why getting a degree in music performance could land you your dream job

Whether you are looking to pursue a career as a music pastor or get a degree in music performance, finding the right music university that tailors to your goals, style, and and values can prove to be difficult. Jake Felstow, alum and current drummer for Yam Haus, tells us about his journey in choosing a music performance degree and landing his dream job.

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School of worship people playing instruments

5 ways training in a school of worship can humble you

You may know successful worship leaders who haven’t gone to college. But for many people who want to serve in worship leader roles, college-level worship leader education is a valuable step in their training. It offers many benefits, both technical and personal. An education at a school of worship may even impact you in ways you don’t expect: what you learn there can humble you.

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