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How do we deal with grief in the middle of a pandemic?

The Grief Box

The COVID pandemic has impacted many areas of our lives in a variety of ways. While everyone’s experiences have not been the same, one shared

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Self-care during quarantine

Self-care during quarantine

Let’s be honest-even when there isn’t a global pandemic going on, it can be hard to make space for some self-care. The idea of “self-care”

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Good Friday | North Central University

Coming to The Table in worship

Daily chapel is almost synonymous with North Central University. Students may admit there are times they don’t want to attend, but most alumni will say

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You may never find your perfect college match.

During your junior and senior years of high school, you will likely spend quite a bit of time vetting your college options. Armed with lists of of criteria and  ideals, you will face your options and begin to evaluate. How do they stack up? Does any one college or university check all of the boxes?

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how to manage your money in college

7 tips for managing your money in college

Why is it important to manage your money while you’re in college? College is an investment. Not just a monetary investment, but an investment of time, energy, and effort. Also, a little bit of effort into money management each day will set you up for long-term financial success.

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5 ways training in a school of worship can humble you

You may know successful worship leaders who haven’t gone to college. But for many people who want to serve in worship leader roles, college-level worship leader education is a valuable step in their training. It offers many benefits, both technical and personal. An education at a school of worship may even impact you in ways you don’t expect: what you learn there can humble you.

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