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7 questions to ask when transferring universities

By Marisa Sorenson

So you’ve decided to transfer colleges. You could be starting the process or are in the middle of it.

What are some questions you should ask while transferring?

Asking the right questions will help your college transfer be more efficient. If you’re wondering “Should I transfer colleges?”, here’s a free guide to help you make this important choice.

While you’re visiting different colleges and making comparisons, be sure to ask these questions about the universities on your list:

  1. Will my credits transfer?
    Figure out how many credits will transfer to your new school. Some colleges will accept all accumulated credits, while others accept little to no credits from other schools. Figure out what classes you need to take and which ones were covered by the transfer credits.
  2. How many terms do I have left?
    If not all your credits transferred, you could be a sophomore at your new school as compared to when you were a junior at your old one. If you want to finish in two years, this information will help you plan your classes with your academic advisor accordingly.
  3. What’s the financial impact?
    A price tag is attached to everything in college, so it might be a good idea to know exactly how much you’ll owe. Knowing the exact amount will help you arrange your financial aid and find the right job during your time at that specific school that will help you pay as much as possible.Remember that a higher cost is not always a negative. You’ve heard it before, but it’s true–college is an investment! So you’ll want to attend a college that’s a good fit.
  4. What is my best option for housing?
    If you want a community right outside your door, maybe one of the dorm buildings would be a good option. Or if you lived in the dorms and want a different experience, an apartment could be a good choice. Sometimes, in certain situations, off-campus housing could be more affordable than on-campus. Ask current students about specific residential experiences; most of the time they’ll be able to point out good points that the guides or college advisors miss.
  5. Are there organizations I want to get involved with?
    Transfer students have multiple opportunities to get involved with organizations on campus. Most of them require taking initiative and asking around to find ways to become connected with a student group. Utilize those opportunities as a jumping off point to get to know people at your new school.
  6. What is the community like?
    College is a time to get out, explore and meet new people. Or take a walk with a close friend and see the surroundings if that’s more your style. There are always some events happening on campus, and if you go to an urban university, there are often multiple events happening in the city around. Seek out adventure, and experience the world before you graduate.
  7. Are all the steps on the sheet checked off?
    Most colleges have some form of checklist for freshmen. They typically have a checklist for transfer students too, because a college transfer is not the same as starting out from high school.

We hope you have a smooth college transfer experience, and that the questions above will provide some guidelines to start with.

Still deciding if you should transfer colleges?

Download a free transfer decision guide to evaluate your options.

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