7 Reasons to get worship leader training|Jeff Deyo leads worship at NFAF

7 Reasons to get worship leader training

While you might have an apptitude for worship leading, if you’ve never been trained, you’re missing out.

As a worship leader, you will have huge responsibility. You’re not just performing musically, you’re guiding a congregation in singing praises to God.

Being a worship leader carries a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of joy. If you love to worship, and to lead fellow Christians, it can be a great career for you. Consider earning a worship leading major in order to prepare for the role.

Here are 7 reasons you should train to become a church worship leader.

  1. To learn from experts and mentors.
    There’s nothing quite like being trained by experts. University faculty are not just teachers. They are seasoned worship leaders with years of experience.And if you choose a quality Christian university like North Central, these faculty will become mentors who care about your development as a musician and your success after graduation as well!
  2. To grow your musical knowledge.
    As a worship leader, you will be called on by pastors to find music that supports their sermons. Church worship leader training, or earning a worship leading major, will give you the opportunity to learn about available worship repetoire.You will also be able to learn about leading an ensemble of musicians, including learning instruments other than your own.
  3. To practice leading congregations.
    Students with a worship leading major often have the chance to lead their students in musical worship during chapel services.See how one North Central student group led students in worship during the recording of their single “Always Remain.”
    North Central University Worship Live – Always Remain from North Central University on Vimeo.
  4. To earn your degree.
    There’s no denying that having a college degree can benefit your future. It’s a resume builder, and an amazing opportunity to grow. Get a degree in worship leading or another similar major, and walk away feeling more prepared to be a church worship leader with a diploma in hand.
  5. To network with other worship leaders.
    Being trained as a worship leader will automatically help you cross the paths of other worship leaders. Whether they are your peers or your professors, building relationships in your field is a great way to connect to future job opportunities and musical collaborators.
  6. To build your technical skills.
    Music is both technical and expressive. As a worship leader, it is not enough to be emotionally invested in the songs. You must also be technically sound. Your instrument or voice should be mastered to the professional level. Your knowledge of theory, chords, and song structure should be well ironed out. Building your technical skills will lay the foundation for every worship service you direct in the future.
  7. To grow in wisdom and leadership.
    Being a church worship leader means being a spiritual leader in your church. You should take every opportunity to grow in wisdom and leadership. It’s really that simple.

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