7 Ways A Christian Business Degree can Change Your Life

7 Ways a Christian Business Degree Can Change Your Life

By Janelle Higdon

Earning a business degree will jump-start your career. If you’re an aspiring accountant, a budding entrepreneur, or a future CEO, starting with a business major is essential for laying your business-knowledge foundation.

And if you’re a follower of Christ, majoring in business administration (or another area of business) at an accredited Christian university will prepare you for the working world on a deeper level.

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Here are 7 ways a Christian business degree can change your life.

  1. You will learn from professors who have practiced business ethics in the real world
    As part of a School of Business at a Christian university, you will interact with high caliber faculty who not only are active in business, but who have faced challenging ethical situations during their career. These professors can give you advice about how to handle yourself when you meet an ethical dilemma.
  2. You will develop decision making for difficult situations
    As you study for your degree, you will learn to evaluate many possible scenarios. And as a Christian, you will be able to view situations through a biblical lens. Difficult situations will not just be resolved by the solution that earns the most money, but by the solution that maintains your integrity as well.
  3. You will learn how to glorify God by doing excellent work
    Majoring in business administration or another business-related degree will probably be challenging. Business is hard work! But as you strive to do your best, you’re not just working to beat the competition or to climb the corporate ladder. You are working as unto the Lord. For His glory, and not for your own. That will set you apart in the workplace.
  4. You will experience grace and mentorship while you’re learning
    Because the world of business is so rigorous, it can also be competitive. At some universities, you might find yourself competing with your peers to be the best. Or you might find faculty who are harsh and unhelpful as you learn the ropes before launching your career.At a Christian college or university like North Central, the environment is different. Instead of being met with blunt criticism, you will experience grace and mentorship when you make mistakes. Because your college journey is the time to grow and learn. With the help of caring faculty and staff, you can grow to an even higher level.
  5. You will see how you can make a positive impact in the world of business
    As a future business man/woman, you have huge potential to influence positive change in the world. You may join a large company and start a movement to give money to help the poor. Or you might work at a non-profit organization and help them to achieve better business practices that advance their cause.Or, your positive impact might be as simple as bringing the joy of Christ into the office every day. And that is no small thing.
  6. You will build a network with like-minded business peers
    It’s always good to know people, right? Connections in business are important. And earning a business major alongside Christian peers will give you a strong network of friends and allies once you enter the working world.
  7. You will learn to be a leader who operates with compassion and character
    When you do graduate and get your first job, your character will set you apart from others in your office. As you strive to be a leader among your co-workers, you can offer kindness and compassion that others might not. With Christ and your character as your foundation for the work you do, you will attract followers and you will attract success.

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