Dr. Amy Anderson, Faculty of the Year 2019-2020 North Central University

Dr. Amy Anderson Named NCU’s ‘Faculty of the Year’ for 2019-2020

Amy Anderson, Ph.D., was recognized as North Central University’s 2020 recipient of the Doctor Gordon Anderson Faculty Award for Excellence. The Dr. Gordon Anderson Faculty Award for Excellence was established by an anonymous friend of the university to honor Anderson’s legacy and passion for faculty excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service.

Anderson, Professor in the School of Biblical and Theological Studies, joined North Central in 1999 and teaches New Testament and Greek every semester, and is the regular instructor for Johannine Literature. She loves to talk to students about ancient Greek manuscripts, preparing for grad school or seminary, and university ministry.

Even more than that, Anderson has dedicated her time to supporting high standards and better working conditions for all faculty, is very active on the BATS (Bible and Theological Studies) committee, and has recently completed her fifth year as Faculty Marshal.

Dr. Amy Anderson is well known for her rigorous standards and in classes, and is well-respected in the North Central Community.

Dean of the College of Church Leadership, Allen Tennison, Ph. D., had this to say about  Anderson: “Dr. Amy Anderson received the “Faculty of the Year” award at North Central University for 2019-2020 based on nominations from students and faculty.  This well-deserved award recognizes Dr. Anderson for her excellence in teaching, her contributions to biblical scholarship and her success in motivating students towards life-long learning.  In more than twenty years of teaching at NCU, she has instilled into thousands of students a deeper love for the biblical text, a better understanding of a Christian worldview and a fresh commitment to intellectual rigor.  Dr. Anderson is highly respected in her academic field where her textbook on textual criticism is now a standard introduction in multiple universities.  Her most popular book, When You Come Together, has been read by Christian groups throughout the country who desire a deeper communal experience of worship.  Dr. Anderson was chosen by the faculty in 2015 to serve a five-year term as the Faculty Marshal, a ceremonial position in which she represents faculty at formal events.”

Dr. Amy Anderson has given so much to the students, staff, and faculty of North Central University and is very deserving to be named North Central University’s 2019-2020 Faculty of the Year.

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