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How an Interdisciplinary Studies Major can launch your career

By Auston Nigg

If you know exactly what you want to do for a career but are having trouble narrowing down to a specific major that offers exactly what you need, an Interdisciplinary Studies major could be the right option for you.

What is interdisciplinary studies?

An interdisciplinary studies major a highly customizable degree. It’s almost whatever you want it to be (with a few guidelines of course). Choose about one to three main fields of study and your years of school will be centered around these main concentrations. Unlike a traditional major, however, you will not have to meet requirements of each of your concentrations in order to earn your degree. So you have the freedom to pick the classes in each concentration that you feel will best equip you for the specific career path you have already chosen.

What are the career options?

With Interdisciplinary studies you really can center your college experience and education around any career. The beauty of it is its flexibility. For example, if you want to pursue a business-focused major like marketing, but want to distinguish yourself in the marketplace, you could consider an interdisciplinary studies major. This would allow you to take all the necessary business classes to be equipped in marketing specifically, while also taking high-level courses in other concentrations like psychology or public speaking.

Another great option is interdisciplinary studies for degrees in education. There are many schools that only require a bachelor’s degree to be qualified to teach. Having a solid background in several different fields of study could make you a very valuable asset to a lot of schools as a teacher. (For example, teaching combined with ministry or business skills could open a wide variety of doors.)

This is also a great option for Psychology majors who perhaps want to work in other countries with differing cultures from their own. An interdisciplinary studies major would give you the flexibility to choose classes that teach you about the people and the language of the culture you hope to work with, while also giving you a strong foundation in psychology. It could even allow you to take some science or pre-medical classes as well.

Graduate school options

An interdisciplinary studies major is also a great option if you are looking to be accepted into various graduate programs after college. In today’s marketplace, employers are looking all over the world for the right candidates with advanced degrees. The more fields of study you can bring to the table, the better you will be equipped when you further your education and go out into the work force.

You’re in charge of your degree

You learn and experience a lot during our years of college, both in and out of the classroom. An Interdisciplinary studies major will allow you the opportunity to have strategic influence over what you learn, in alignment with your goals for life after graduation.

Choose courses and emphases that help you to stay focused on your aspirations. Whether you’re aiming for a specific career, or want to be equipped in a variety of subjects, a versatile interdisciplinary studies major could have everything you are looking for.

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