Is biology the right major for you?

Is Biology the right major for you?

Deciding on a major is a huge decision to make when you’re in high school (no pressure). Good news-there are a lot of tools out there to help you find careers that interest you or are compatible with your strengths and future goals. In fact, here is a really good starting place: Best Majors According To Your Myers Briggs.

Maybe you already know that the field of science is your top contender and now you just need to know exactly what topic area to jump into. There are a lot of great options out there and several things to consider. Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

  • “Do I want to pursue additional education after I get my undergrad?”
  • “Is there a career I have in mind that requires a specific science-related degree?”
  • “Do I have an area of study in the field of science that I gravitate toward and know I would excel in?”

If you answered “biology” for any of those questions you came to the right place! Biology is a versatile degree that can be great on its own or can propel you into your Master’s program in the future! How do you know if Biology is the right fit for you?

Is Biology the right major for you?

You are interested in learning more about how humans and other living organisms work.

Biology is all about the study of organisms so being interested in different living things is a must! Maybe you’re more of a plant person, maybe you are really interested in how the human body works, or maybe you are intrigued by the ocean. Whatever the case, any of these interests are rooted in Biology!

You have a strong stomach.

It’s no secret that you have to have a strong stomach when studying Biology. Yes, we are talking about dissections! Dissecting is not the only thing you do when studying Biology but it is definitely a piece of the coursework. Not to mention the constant strange smells of whatever lab you are participating in that day! Having a strong stomach comes highly recommended.

You are interested in pursuing a medical career.

Getting your undergrad in Biology is a really great way to get your foot in the door if you are wanting to pursue a degree in the medical field. Learning anatomy and how human bodies work is just the beginning to your future as a medical physician!

You have a love for nature, animals, and plants.

Biology is the study of nature, animals, and plants (oh and also humans). So having a natural curiosity or inclination towards these things is a great sign that Biology would be a good fit for you!

Your favorite classes in high school are math and science.

Some people are great in their English classes, some people are great in their art classes, but you find that you are really great with math and science. Math and science are the key components that make up the study of Biology! If you find that you excel in these classes, that is a good indicator that you would be great in Biology.

You enjoy working and collaborating with others.

Biology involves a lot of group projects and collaboration with others. Whether you’re working on a lab, dissecting an organism, or need the notes from a class you might have missed, your classmates will be your best friends! Depending on what career you choose, chances are you will work in a very similar environment.

You are organized and good at taking notes.

Biology is a challenging field of study so being organized and great at taking notes is essential. Documenting your lab results or taking notes during lectures are key so being organized will help you succeed!

You enjoy challenging coursework.

Studying biology is no walk in the park. You can expect long hours in the lab, memorizing lots of new vocabulary, and being tested on all of it! If you are up for a good challenge and succeed in motivating environments, Biology will be a great option for you.

You are a problem solver.

Science isn’t always black and white. Sometimes you have to look through different lenses (literally) to get the answer you are looking for. Being able to solve problems and see situations in different perspectives is essential!

Maybe you’re still unsure if Biology is the right major for you. Click the link below to get more information and download our quiz to find out if Biology is right for you!

Is Biology the right major for you?

Start by downloading our free Biology quiz to find out!

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