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Making (and Keeping!) Resolutions in 2022

The idea of the New Year’s resolution isn’t anything new – though many of us have given up on the idea since 2020. The world has become so unpredictable – how can you possibly make a big goal when you have no idea what this coming year will hold?

While you don’t have control over what this coming year brings, you are able to decide how you face life, and what you do with your time. You get to choose how you will react to the challenges of this next year, and you also get to choose joy in circumstances that may be difficult. Setting a goal is a way to hold yourself accountable, and to step into the next year while holding on to hope. Goals aren’t set in stone, but they are a great way to guide your expectations for the next year, and to build new habits.

Below are some tips for helping you to set and attain a goal for the new year – as well as some ideas for resolutions that will really help make 2022 an amazing year.

1. Set a goal you can measure.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to goals is making a goal that is too broad or general. Setting a goal that you can measure will make it easier to commit to making small steps toward achieving your resolution.

2. Write it down where you’ll see it every day.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is an age-old adage for a reason. It is easy to dismiss or forget a goal if it isn’t written down. By writing down your resolution and setting it in a place you will see it every day (maybe a bathroom mirror, or on the dash of your car), you will be reminded of what you are trying to do, and why you made your goal.

3. Look for baby steps of change instead of giant leaps.

It is easy to get discouraged with a resolution when it feels like there hasn’t been any progress made. Instead of looking for giant changes, notice the small ways you are improving and be encouraged. Even a small amount of change is closer to attaining your goal than no change at all.

4. Reassess and adjust your goal.

It doesn’t hurt to have occasional check ins regarding your goal! Is it still doable? How can you adjust your goal so it can be better implemented into your life? This isn’t the same as giving up on your goal. Rather, this is a way to make sure that your goal is still relevant to what your current life situation is. Life can change a lot in a year, or even six months. Be willing to find new and creative ways to implement and adjust your goal.

5. Review your results – and celebrate your successes!

Don’t forget to reflect on what went well over the course of the year, and to celebrate the changes you’ve made in your life. Maybe you didn’t attain your goal, but you had a lot of fun experiences along the way. Maybe you did attain your goal and learned something new about yourself. Both are situations to be celebrated. You are learning and growing as a person, and in reflecting on what happened in your year, you will find more ways to grow.

Now that you have been given a few steps to help you attain your resolution, it is time to start thinking about what you are resolving to do. Even if you’ve already attained several resolutions in your life, it can be hard to decide on what changes you want to make in your life, and to devote your energy to just one goal.

Coming up with ideas is the first hurdle when it comes to making a resolution – so here are a few ideas to get you started.

2022 New Years Resolution Ideas


  • Resolve to find more joy.
    • Make small choices each day that help you enjoy life a little more, and that bring you back to what life is all about.
    • How can you measure this? Start by trying to do at least one thing every week that you know brings you joy — maybe that’s going to coffee with a friend or going on a walk at least once a week. Make an active effort to include more of those activities.
  • Resolve to master one skill.
    • It can be a new skill, like painting, or something as simple as making the bed. Find something that you want to spend time getting better at and make a plan to work on that.
  • Resolve to seek wellness.
    • This doesn’t mean you need to aim for a target weight, or a new diet plan, but rather, seek out ways to make your body and mind feel better to live in. Maybe this means finding ways to move your body that don’t feel like exercise or being more consistent with going to bed at a set time.
  • Resolve to find out something new about yourself, or someone you love.
    • Learning something new about someone you love is a great way to continue to build and better your relationships. This could look like going to a museum or restaurant by yourself or planning a trip with your best friend. These can be shared experiences with others, or simply taking yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • Resolve to learn more.
    • Learning doesn’t have to happen purely within the context of a classroom. Resolving to learn more means making intentional efforts to make learning a part of your daily life.
    • This looks different for everyone, but it might include listening to a 30-minute informational podcast every day during your commute or watching a documentary once a week. This could mean going to a museum once a month or reading a couple more books throughout the year. Whatever the case, resolving to learn more will serve you for a lifetime.

Whether or not you end up making a resolution, it is our hope that 2022 will bring new blessings into your life, and that you will find hope and joy as you go into this new year!

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