Momentum week 2020

Momentum Week 2020

By Stacy Sikorski

Have you ever been on a treadmill wearing one of those safety devices when by accident you hit the magnet and all of your momentum comes to a screeching halt. You of course first look around to see if any of the other gym members saw you and then attempt to recover by replacing the magnet in the safety slot and resume your run/walk. If you have experienced this embarrassing and jolting scenario, you know that getting back in to the stride of the run/walk can be difficult.

For many, the changes over this past month feels a bit like the safety magnet has come out of the treadmill.  The abrupt change in living situation, loss of a job, requirement to quarantine, transition to virtual classrooms has caused a loss of momentum.  This loss can be expected given the circumstances. With the end of the semester just days away, how can you readjust, replace that magnet and finish the semester strong?

North Central participates in helping you finish strong by providing intentional programming in and around finals through a collective University initiative, called Momentum.  This year’s Momentum looks different but the intention is the same.  Know the staff and faculty are praying for and cheering you on as you up the incline and pace of your treadmill and finish your “workout”.

Here are some suggested “workout routines” to help you keep your momentum through finals week:

  • Set a daily schedule and tangible goals.
  • Do your best and remember your value is not attached to what you accomplish.
  • Do something fun daily.
  • Take a study break and go for a walk.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help (talk to your professor or reach out to the Student Success Center).
  • If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, show anxiety who’s boss.
    • In order to not avoid all work, at least do a little bit of work consistently.
    • Be productive early in the day.
    • Practice mindfulness to help calm your mind and refocus your brain.

For more Momentum week encouragement, follow along on NCU’s Instagram this week!

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