MyNCU Instagram campaign features North Central community

#MyNCU celebrates North Central community on Instagram

In January, North Central University launched a new social media campaign titled #myNCU for the @northcentral_mn Instagram account. This campaign showcases photos of the NCU community, taken by the NCU community.

With #MyNCU, students have been capturing photos of other incredible students, renowned faculty and staff, student life, and stunning campus. The community at NCU is one of the most contagious things about North Central. According to the #MyNCU posts, our students agree! Check out some of the feature image below!

Preview featured #MyNCU Instagram posts below

From Arianna Taralson

“Miller Hall is the place where I have made some of my greatest friends and where we have shared hours of laughter, prayer, and tears. It’s the place where I have caught some of the most beautiful sunsets over the city.. I am beyond thankful to call NCU and Miller Hall my second home.” @ataralson

From Jessica Baker

“I love North Central, because the moment you step outside, you’re in the heart of the city. No matter what direction you start walking there’s always somewhere you can explore.” @jessica_baker55

From Rebecca Hammond

“Playing soccer at North Central has been such a challenge & a privilege. I didn’t think playing after high school was an option & I’m so glad I was convinced otherwise. My passion for soccer has always been around, but being part of NCU’s team has taught me to play for more than just myself. Being a part of a team that cares about playing “for the twelfth” is something so special to be a part of & something of which I could not be more proud. I have learned to give glory to God, win or lose—though it’s been quite difficult through the losses. I am thankful for all the memories, skills & invaluable lessons the Lord has helped me develop & learn on that field—they transfer to so many things outside of soccer. I’m so thankful for this sport & its powerful ability to bring people together, my wonderful coaches who have instilled much in me, & my teammates who will always hold a special place in my heart. GO RAMS.” @rebeccarenaehammond

From Rodrigo Mendoza

“Come to NCU for a day, and you’ll immediately be hit by an adventure-needing bug (a good kind of bug, like a firefly). It’s inevitable. Living in the heart of Minneapolis, students here are so quick to step out of campus and explore their surroundings. Why, you ask? Because, in simple terms, this place has it all. Parks? Yep.

A rad skyline? Uh-huh.

An easily-accessible transportation system? You bet.

Churches? So many.

Lakes? Only 10,000 of them in the state.

What about a waterfall 15 minutes away from school? No way… Oh wait, yes!

I love North Central and all the experiences I’ve had on and off campus thanks to it.” @rodemendoza

From Emily Havens

“As a music major, I find so much support by the faculty in the fine arts department. They push you to do more, because they believe in us! There is a culture of value and purpose in this department that keeps you striving for excellence.” @emily_havens

From Alli Courtney

“Studying abroad was a very impactful experience for me. Before I actually went abroad, I had many ideas about what it would be like, but actually living and being there was so different than what I had imagined. I learned so much about the Lord and so much about myself as I lived everyday life in an environment entirely alien to me…There is no substitute for real life experience.” @alliisaround

From JingJing Wang

“‘Can I make friends there?’ ‘Learn a new language & a different culture?’ ‘Can I do this?’ These are the questions I asked myself before I came to NCU as an international student. This is my second year at NCU and this school has brought me so many surprises. I have faithful friends and people who are willing to help if I need them. Not only am I gaining knowledge here, but also, I’m building faith in God. I’m blessed to be here and I believe that I can continually improve myself at NCU.” @j.j.wannng

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