Sharon Connor and Adam Sikorski

New Interim Deans Announced

We are delighted to announce the appointment of two esteemed individuals to serve as Interim Deans for the next year. Their wealth of experience and dedication to education and ministry make them exceptional choices to lead the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Church Leadership. Please join us in congratulating Sharon Connor and Adam Sikorski on their new roles!

Sharon Connor, Ph.D. Candidate – Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Sharon Connor has been an integral part of North Central University for over two decades, demonstrating a strong commitment to educational excellence. Her background in teaching, curriculum development, and educational leadership has made a significant impact on our institution and beyond. Connor’s work has extended to teacher education preparation programs and schools in various countries, reflecting her passion for creating positive change in diverse communities. With a Ph.D. candidate status and a strong foundation in school administration, Connor brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to her new role as Interim Dean. Her vision of how educators can serve as ministers in their classrooms aligns perfectly with the core values of North Central University.

Adam Sikorski, D.Min. – Interim Dean, College of Church Leadership

Adam Sikorski, lovingly called Dr. Ski by students, has a profound commitment to ministry and education that has had a lasting impact throughout his career. With extensive experience as an ordained minister, pastor, and educator, Sikorski has proven his dedication to guiding and shaping the next generation of church leaders. His work in various urban communities and Christian higher education institutions has equipped him with unique insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by aspiring ministers. As Interim Dean for the College of Church Leadership, Sikorski will undoubtedly inspire and empower students to go out and positively impact the world through their ministries.

We are confident that both Sharon Connor and Adam Sikorski will lead their respective colleges with excellence, continuing North Central University’s tradition of providing a transformative and purpose-driven education. Their passion, knowledge, and devotion to their callings are evident, and we look forward to witnessing the positive influence they will have on our students and community.

Please join us in congratulating Sharon and Adam on their appointments and in supporting them throughout their tenure as Interim Deans.

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