North Central University 2019 Predictions

North Central’s Top 2019 Predictions

2018 was a great year. It was so great it was hard to choose just 10 top highlights throughout the year, but we managed.

Now that we’ve celebrated 2018, it’s time to make some predictions for the year 2019!

While economists make financial forecasts, and fashion magazines predict the best looking boots, taking time to plan what you hope to see in 2019 is a great way to be intentional about starting fresh in the new year. You might have extra motivation to change habits, start a new project, or change something about your life, whether big or small.

In hopes of jumping into 2019 with intentionality and momentum, we decided to make some of our own predictions.

North Central’s 2019 predictions

President Hagan Selfies

North Central President Scott Hagan has more than just amazing leadership impact at our university. He also has a fan base of almost ten thousand followers across his social media platforms. So it’s no surprise that President Hagan’s selfie game is strong.

Although we don’t have an official count of his total selfies posted in 2018, it’s somewhere around 48. We are predicting to see an increase this year will a total of 64 selfies crossing his social media. So far in 2019, he is already up to 5. You go, President Hagan!

*For the record, we are only counting photos that President Hagan takes of himself (and friends) in his posts, anything else is not considered a selfie!

2019 North Central University predictions

Online programs

2019 is going to a big year for North Central University’s online course offerings. Currently, North Central is recruiting for Fall 2019 for five unique degree programs.

Online bachelor’s degrees:

Online graduate degree:

Online associate’s degree:

This is a monumental step for the University and we are predicting that it will be a catalyst in launching North Central forward.

Graduate program 2019 Predictions

Ring by Spring

It’s a tale as old as time at Christian universities. Ring by spring is a tried and true tradition for some here at North Central University. While we are always happy to celebrate love, we can’t help but poke a little fun at Christian college romances by making some predictions.

This is a first for us so we are going on very limited data (to be honest, we have no data). We predict that 54% of all relationships that started in the Fall of 2018 will culminate in a dramatic proposal this spring. That’s a lot of diamonds!

New Cafe offerings

2018 was a good year for North Central University’s cafeteria with the addition of the pho bar! While we are certain nothing will ever get students as excited as chicken nugget day, we imagine that the NCU Cafe has some surprises up their sleeve. We are thinking maybe an avocado toast bar? Because what speaks to millennial/generation Z college students more than avocado toast?

Campus Facelift

Last year Clay Commons got a major facelift and has been hub to many hangouts and students projects since. With momentum like that we are thinking that another location may be the next thing to get an upgrade? We aren’t fully able to say quite yet but stick around for Give Day and you will be the first to know!

2019 North Central University Predictions

The best year ever

Our sources are indicating that this is going to be a great year for everyone who is part of the North Central University community. We have seen such tremendous growth at NCU and can’t help but predict that this will continue.

While some of these predictions are just for fun, we are expecting 2019 to bring abundant blessings to North Central.

We are dreaming big dreams here and welcome you to do the same. Take some time for yourself to maybe write down a few things that you hope to see happen in 2019. Thanks for starting the year out with us. We wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else!

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