Quick facts about strategic leadership

Quick facts about strategic leadership degrees

By Auston Nigg

A master’s degree can set you apart from your fellow employees. And in today’s competitive marketplace, it is important to set yourself apart if you’re hoping to advance in your career. See how a strategic leadership degree can help you advance.

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A strategic leadership degree…

can be applied anywhere

Strategy and leadership are needed in every field. With an ever changing landscape, organizations are looking for people with a strategic leadership degree to guide them through the changes and utilize the new changes to their advantage.

  • A strategic leadership degree is not limited to business
  • Churches, non-for-profits, and institutions are all in need of strategic planning
  • As technology continues to be enhanced, the need for strategic leaders will increase

has increased it’s value

Because of increasing technology and ability to connect, organizations and businesses are becoming more globally-minded. Many need to compete on a global scale instead of just regionally like they used to. This has increased the value of strategic leadership skills.

  • Increased competition raises the need for strategic decision making
  • Organizations need leaders who make the right move each time because increasing competition leaves them less room to make mistakes

Offers foundational skill development

Strategic leadership degrees are a great opportunity because they are so applicable to every job, yet they also allow you to develop many different foundational skills.  Obtaining these skills will allow you to perform important tasks at a high level, no matter where you are working.

  • Environmental analysis, financial planning, and vision and mission casting are some of the great skills you can learn through a strategic leadership degree
  • These foundational skills can be used in any job from a large corporation to a small rural church
  • Having a broad but strong foundation separates you from your competitors when applying for jobs

Quick facts about strategic leadership

Gives you the option of working internationally

Many students wish to someday work overseas or work with organizations based overseas. This becomes more attainable with the skills developed through a strategic leadership degree.

  • Strategic decision making is needed in both domestic and international organizations
  • The courses involved in a strategic leadership degree will give you the skills needed to work well with an international business

Allows you to be more versatile in a church

If working in a church or christian non-for-profit is a goal of yours, a strategic leadership or christian leadership degree may be right for you. A christian leadership degree will allow you to be more versatile in your church and give you the tools necessary to make a great impact.

      • Churches desperately need great leaders with a strategic mindset
      • A lot of research and strategic decision making is needed for a church to be successful
      • Churches are looking for employees who can perform environmental analysis and make the right decisions based on that analysis

    Start with a degree in strategic leadership

    Grow in your ability to be a strategic leader in business or in ministry by earning a masters in leadership from North Central University.

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