Regent's Scholar Luke Ambrose

Luke Ambrose Named 2016 Regent’s Scholar

The Board of Regents and Administration of North Central University are pleased to announce Luke Ambrose of Mankato, Minn., as recipient of the 2016 Regent’s Scholarship.

The Regent’s Scholarship is a full-tuition, four-year scholarship awarded to an entering freshman based on superior academic performance, references, and a written essay.

As a student at Mankato West High School in Mankato, Minn., Ambrose has been very involved in student clubs while maintaining an excellent GPA. He participated in soccer, track and field, and the swim team. He also pursued choir and drama, playing many roles in school productions, such as the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid, and the lead in the musical School House Rock-Live.

Ambrose navigated through his high school experience by getting involved in several extra-curricular activities, but everything didn’t come easily. He experienced adversity as a student-athlete, learning how to overcome trials both mentally and physically. It was a challenge to pursue all three sports with a passion, but Ambrose thrived on the swim team, where his character was sharpened by a very demanding sport.

His hard work paid off, as he served as a senior swim captain. “Swimming beats you down,” Ambrose said. “It’s a time-based sport, so your results are very indicative on how you are doing. When you don’t get the results you want, it can be discouraging, and it’s like a lot of other areas of life. You can either let that failure get to your head and stop going on or you can persist and persevere. After five years of swimming, that character was engraved in me to keep going. It’s such a mental battle, even more than physical, and it has refined me.”

Acting and singing, in particular, helped Ambrose develop an inner confidence and the ability to show humility through success. Through choir, he was exposed to a diverse group of people, allowing him to understand different perspectives, as well as how to show respect to those with different beliefs and opinions as his, without forsaking his own. The recent graduate from Mankato West credits Jesus Christ for his ability to maintain a positive attitude and self-confidence through high school. “My faith in Him puts everything in an eternal perspective, and by keeping my eyes on Him, I made it through,” Ambrose said.

Beyond his school activities, Ambrose also served in Project for Teens, a student club that tours Mankato Middle School, sharing messages of healthy decision-making around youth risk behaviors. Through this, Ambrose is able to encourage teenagers and be a positive role model. Ambrose attends Hillside Church, where he serves on the worship team both on Sunday mornings for the congregation and Wednesday nights for youth group. North Central’s Director of Admissions Bethany Harshbarger expressed enthusiasm about Ambrose’s selection for this honor. “Luke has demonstrated excellence in all areas of his high-school experience. Through his well-rounded list of activities, impressive academic performance, and ability to integrate his faith with his life, he is a great example of the type of student we want at North Central.”

With plans to major in pastoral ministry, Ambrose says, “I’m looking forward to going to NCU because of their heart for God. When I was here for the Fine Arts conference last year, a speaker said that chapel was at the center of campus, both geographically and spiritually. That is something I’m really looking forward to. I have full faith in NCU to equip me for this life. This university, with Christ at the center, will prepare me for a life with Christ at the center of mine.”

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