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The best state to go to college: Minnesota

Colleges in Minnesota might not be the obvious choice for your higher education destinations. Perhaps you’re from out of state, and you can’t imagine why someone would choose to spend four years of their life fighting the bitter cold and snow that plagues Minnesotans for several months out of the year. Otherwise, you might be a Minnesota native who can’t wait for an opportunity to escape to a warmer state for their time in college.

Whatever your outlook on Minnesota, it’s important to look past the temperatures and into all that Minnesota has to offer college students. From opportunities with Fortune 500 companies to joining a community that values diversity and healthy lifestyles, Minnesota is a dynamic state that gives college students experiences and opportunities that they might not get elsewhere. Colleges in Minnesota can offer both competitive educations as well as external experiences that will help shape you for the real world.

Here are a few reasons that the best state to go to for college is Minnesota.

Culture and community

The Twin Cities (the largest metro area in Minnesota) offer a unique setting to attend college. Not only are there many colleges to choose from just in the Twin Cities area alone, but there are a few that offer a true downtown setting as well. From the coffee scene to art and scenery, Minneapolis and St. Paul have a variety of ways that college students can get involved in the community of the cities. Whether you enjoy picnics with a skyline view, walking along the Stone Arch Bridge, or attending concerts or plays, you can explore all kinds of activities and hobbies while attending colleges in Minnesota.

The culture in the Twin Cities offers diversity, creativity, and more. Minnesota’s diversity is continuing to grow, as two of Minnesota’s cities were ranked in the top 50 most diverse cities in the U.S. for 2018.

A visit to the Minneapolis Institute of Art or the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden will give you insight into the amazing art scene that Minnesota has to offer. Other activities in the Twin Cities include watching professional sports at U.S. Bank Stadium, the Target Center, or Target Field. If theatre and music are your thing, the Ordway, Orpheum, Guthrie, and Orchestra Hall each offer incredible shows that can be fun to attend with friends. These places typically offer tickets for discounted student prices as well, making it a fun, affordable night-out option for students at schools in Minnesota.

Winter activities

And when winter does come in Minnesota, there’s something about being stuck in a snowstorm that brings people together, regardless of their cultural background. Being part of a group of people that will stop at any time to help strangers dig their cars out of a ditch can give you a great sense of community that you might not be able to find elsewhere. Attending one of the colleges in Minnesota will allow you to experience the true “Minnesota nice” that comes with being a part of this community.

While the winters can be frigid, Minnesota is called the Bold North for a reason. The cold and the snow can’t stop Minnesotans from having a good time in the winter. From sledding and snowboarding, to ice skating and ice fishing, Minnesotans can consistently find ways to enjoy the outdoors–bundled up, of course. As a student at one of the colleges in Minnesota, you’ll be able to participate in many exciting winter activities, and maybe even grow to love winter.

If the outdoors aren’t your thing, there are plenty of indoor activities that you can explore during the winter months as well. Exploring Minnesota’s many venues for music, art, coffee, and sports can be a great winter activity for students at colleges in Minnesota.

Post-grad opportunities

No matter what your college search has looked like so far, your hope is that at the end of your time in college you’ll have a degree that will make you marketable in the workplace. Part of graduating with a successful degree is having some type of experience before you even graduate. With access to many Fortune 500 companies in the Twin Cities, there are countless opportunities for internships and informational interviews during your time at one of many colleges in Minnesota.

Hopefully during your time in a college around the Twin Cities area you will be able to network with professionals from around the city, making connections that can help you get a job when you graduate. In 2017, Business Insider ranked Minneapolis as one of the Top 20 Cities to Find a Job.

If you’re looking to attend college somewhere that you can settle down in afterwards, Minnesota is hard to beat. Statistically, Minneapolis is known to be one of the best, most dynamic cities in the United States, both for college students and for graduates as well. According to the Wall Street Journal, Minneapolis is one of the best places to visit in 2018.

If you’re searching for colleges in Minnesota or master’s programs in MN, consider that your degree can come with experiences in a dynamic, unique state.

Minnesota has countless opportunities for college students, both during and after their time in school.

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