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Why Minneapolis is one of the best cities for college students and grads

What makes a good city for college students and grads? The answer is simple: opportunity. College students and graduates need opportunities for good jobs, for cultural experiences, for activity, for good food and entertainment. 

Not many cities can boast quality in all of those areas. But Minneapolis, MN has all of that (and more) to offer its residents.

Here’s why Minneapolis is the best location for college students and grads:

The Wall Street Journal named Minneapolis one of the best places to visit in 2018.

The Wall Street Journal published an article in October naming Minneapolis as number four in the  “10 hot destinations” in the world that travelers should consider visiting in 2018. Additionally, Minneapolis was ranked fourth for its hometown celebrities (Prince and Bob Dylan, to name a few) and its accomplished restaurants.

The Minneapolis Music and Art Scene is wildly impressive.

From the Minneapolis Institute of Art to the Walker Art Center, the Guthrie Theater to Orchestra Hall, you won’t be disappointed with the talent you’ll experience in Minneapolis. Paisley Park isn’t far from the city, and countless popular musicians from all genres appear at the Target Center throughout the year.

Many organizations feature student-priced tickets for affordability during your college years, making it possible to have a special night out with friends! If the outdoors are your thing, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and the Stone Arch Bridge are beautifully structured sights to see.

See more concerts and activities on TripAdvisor.

Minneapolis is the healthiest city in the United States.

If you’re passionate about exercise, or at least enjoy a scenic walk now and then, Minneapolis is an excellent place to live. An article by Forbes listed America’s top 20 healthiest cities, placing Minneapolis in first place. The city supports its residents’ health by providing plenty of trails, parks, ball fields, playgrounds, and indoor recreation centers.

The Forbes’ article stated, “Minneapolis residents breathe clean air, prioritize exercise and keep their weight down, supported by a city that was among the first to add bike trails and ban smoking in public places.”

Business Insider ranked Minneapolis as one of the top 20 cities to find a job in 2017.

Minneapolis possesses the eighth-lowest unemployment rate in the nation, an encouraging statistic to recent grads. The city appeals to both single and family-tied job seekers, with a growing employment rate in 2017. Read the Business Insider ranking. 

The job market in Minneapolis welcomes both students and graduates with many employment opportunities: 151,656 openings to be exact, according to Fortune adds that manufacturing engineer and graphic design jobs were highly contested in 2017.

Forbes ranked Minneapolis as the 5th best city for millennials in 2017.

Using content from Niche, a website that ranks schools and neighborhoods, Forbes ranked the 10 best cities for millennials in 2017. The cities were chosen based on several factors, such as whether a city has a vibrant, diverse community. As you pursue a college degree and later join the workforce, Minneapolis is ranked as one of the best places to settle down.

Winter doesn’t stop Minneapolis residents from hosting thrilling activities.  

Maybe you can’t stand the way the cold numbs your face, are tired of scraping ice off your car, and you wonder why you would voluntarily live in a city that survives below-zero temperatures for a few months out of the year. However, if you are willing to bundle up and patiently defrost your car, Minneapolis has a lot to offer as you push through the winter.

The Loppet Winter Festival and Red Bull Crashed Ice events give spectators exciting competitions to observe, including dogsledding, ice bike riding and snow sculpture contests, to name a few.

Of course, Minneapolis always has opportunities to go ice skating, skiing, and sledding in your spare time.

Finally, the annual Polar Dash features a half marathon, 10K, 5K, and 1600m races rewarded by hot chocolate at the finish line.

Find out more great Minneapolis events for winter.

Minneapolis restaurants are winning big awards.

Minneapolis’ previously mentioned vibrant and diverse community is home to some of the best chefs and bakers in the Midwest. 13 Minnesota chefs and two restaurants were recognized as semifinalists for James Beard Awards in 2017. According to the prestigious James Beard Foundation, the must-visit places in Minneapolis include Spoon and Stable, the Salty Tart, Esker Grove, and Restaurant Alma.

Though not ranked in the James Beard awards, Minneapolis is home to other respected dining as well. Public transportation makes Minneapolis restaurant access easy, and many are within walking distance of the city’s colleges, universities, and corporations.

Minneapolis is ranked 10th in the nation for its coffee culture. 

According to the Travel and Leisure website, Minnesotans in Minneapolis/St. Paul are ranked as the “smartest, and some of the friendliest people in the nation.” Minneapolis is home to some iconic, unique coffee shops, like Urban Bean, Vicinity Coffee, Five Watt Coffee, and Spyhouse Coffee.

If your favorite study spot includes a dose of caffeine, or if you love to catch up with friends over a vanilla latte, Minneapolis is the place for you.

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