NCU's Top 2020 Predictions

NCU ‘s Top 2020 Predictions

Twenty nineteen was a great year for North Central University. Because there were so many things that made it great, we decided to recap just the 10 top highlights throughout the year. Now the old decade has gone and the new one has come, we wanted to take some time to make predictions for the year 2020!

Taking time to set intentions for the new year is a tried and true tradition. Entering into a new year (and decade) somehow gives us that extra pep in our step to start a new project, change habits, or alter our lives, whether big or small.

So, in hopes of jumping into 2020 with some extra pep, we decided to make some predictions for the upcoming year. (Some serious and some not so serious).

North Central’s 2020 predictions


 North Central President Scott Hagan has more than just amazing leadership impact at our university. He also has a large fan base across his social media platforms. So, it’s no surprise that President Hagan has a strong selfie game.

Last year we predicted to see 64 selfies across President Hagan’s social media platforms, and we weren’t far off! In total President Hagan posted 79 selfies on his instagram alone. An increase of 31 selfies from 2018.

From the looks of it, President Hagan spent a lot of time hanging out with cool people and we are glad he let us be part of it via social media!

Despite the surge in selfies year over year, we decided to play it safe and predict a total of 85 selfies on Hagan’s Instagram for 2020. A slight increase, and still enough room for some landscape photos.

North Central University 2020 Predictions


Last year we predicted that 2019 was going to a big year for North Central University’s online course offerings, and we were right! In 2019 North Central launched and began recruiting for five unique degree programs.

This was a monumental step for the University and we are predicting that this is only the beginning. We see a trend of moving more degrees fully online in the future!



Last year we did a complete digital overhaul on our blog and brought you North Central University’s official blog site, Table Salt. We wrote a little behind-the-scenes about our new blog platform, the intention behind it, and how the name, Table Salt, came to be! This was a really big advance for NCU’s digital world but we have a feeling it doesn’t stop there. A lot of the blogs we write on Table Salt originate from interviews with NCU professors! So, who knows, maybe 2020 is the year North Central University officially launches their own podcast? If it’s anything like the current blog, we imagine it will be full of encouraging and impactful content!

North Central University 2020 Predictions


It was an extra good 2019 for North Central University’s cafeteria with the addition of the street taco bar! While nothing really compares to chicken tender Tuesday at NCU, we can still hope for some new and exciting food additions from the caf. Last year we hoped for an avocado bar and are still holding out for that one, but this year we are predicting something a little more…strong. Coldbrew coffee has made its way into the hearts of Millennials and Gen Z’s alike so we are predicting that maybe 2020 will be the year the NCU caf offers coldbrew on tap?



Last year (and also part of this year) Carlson Hall got a major facelift and has hosted many hangouts, cram sessions, and deli meals since then. With the upgrade of Clay Commons in 2018, and the latest upgrade of Carlson Hall we are beginning to see a pattern! We can’t really predict another Give Day remodel but we are thinking there might be a renovation on the horizon for the Zimmerman house? Stay tuned!




Twenty nineteen brought us an influx of celebrity pastors and Christians to our social media platforms and we are definitely here for it. It’s no secret that our President Scott Hagan has some pretty well-known friends in some pretty well-known places. We are wondering if that will result in a visit from Kanye on campus? Whether you’re a fan of his latest album or not, it’d be crazy cool. No promises here, but all we are saying is that it would not be a shock if we saw President Hagan hanging out with Kanye at some point in 2020.


According to our research, signs are pointing to 2020 being the best year yet for North Central University. As NCU continues to grow and change, we are thankful for each and every person in this community that grows and changes with us. It is for that reason we are predicting 2020 to bring many good things, more growth, and abundant blessing to our campus and all who are part of our family.

Thanks for starting the new year out with us, we are glad to have you on the journey!

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