Paper checklist of things to do before college

5 goals for the spring before college

As you turn the final corner on your senior year of high school and look ahead to college, you’re either excited, scared, or a little bit of both. Whether you’re stressed about this new chapter or thrilled to start your college journey, completing the following 5 goals this spring will set you up for success in the fall.

Create a budget for college

It’s no secret: college is expensive and student loans can seem overwhelming. A great way to manage your expenses is by building a budget. By setting aside time to make a budget now, you’ll be prepared when it’s time to attend college this fall. Building a budget isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Follow these 3 simple steps:

Sit down with everyone involved in paying for your education. Talk about who is paying for it, potential extra expenses, and financial aid.

List what your expenses will be. Calculate them per semester and multiply by two for the full academic year.

Stick to it. You spent the time to make a helpful budget. However, a budget is only useful if you follow it. Download an app like Mint to keep your college budget with you wherever you go.

Want to get even more of a handle on your finances once you’re actually in college? Read our blog, How to get a financial edge while still in college.

Meet all deadlines set by your future college

Your first semester of college might still feel far away, but important deadlines are coming up soon. Applying for housing and registering for classes are just some of the vital steps you’ll need to take this spring before coming to campus in the fall.

If you’re unsure of what you still need to complete before you arrive, make sure to reach out to your college admissions counselor who can walk you through every step. See what deadlines you need to meet this spring before coming to North Central with our helpful checklist right here.

Figure out transportation

Whether you’re going to college near home or far away, one thing is certain: you need a way to get around. Will you bring a car from home? Will you use public transportation (bus, light rail, etc.)? Now is a great time to decide how you’ll make your way around this fall.

If you choose to bring a car, make sure to apply for parking (if applicable) before you arrive. Some colleges, like North Central, recommend parking pass applications to be in by June 1.

Going the route of public transportation? Many cities offer cheaper rates on public transportation passes if you’re a college student. North Central has partnered with Metro Transit to offer College Pass, an unlimited ride pass with a low rate.

Apply for scholarships

Do you have academic achievements, special talents, or other unique circumstances? Use them as a way to pay for college! You can find outside scholarships through your church, high school, or follow NCU Financial Aid on Facebook and Twitter.

Not only do scholarships help pay for your education, but they also look great on your resume. Writing essays to earn scholarships is also great practice for writing cover letters.

North Central offers a wide variety of scholarship opportunities.

Apply for a summer job

Working a summer job before you go off to college is a great way to gain job experience and save extra money on the side. The best time to apply for a summer job is right now, in the spring. In applying now, you’ll have a head start on others who will also be looking for seasonal work in the summer.

Before you start interviewing for summer jobs, make sure to read our blog, 5 interview tips everyone should know. If you’re looking even further ahead to this fall, a list of student positions available at North Central can be found here.

Start working on your goals today

By pursuing these goals and taking care of to-do’s now, you’ll lower stress levels, feel more prepared, and be more organized for your first fall semester in college.

Want even more college life tips? Check out the College Life section of Table Salt.

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