Bethany Shield named 2017 Regent’s Scholar

The North Central University Board of Regents and administration have named Bethany Shield, daughter of Jeff and Deb Shield, of Lincoln, Nebraska, as the 2017 Regent’s Scholar. The full-tuition, four-year scholarship is awarded each year to an entering freshman based on superior academic performance, references, and a written essay.

Shield has been a home-school student for most of her academic career, although in high school she has divided her studies between home education and courses and Lincoln Southwest High School.

Bethany Harshbarger affirmed Shield’s selection for this honor. “Bethany Shield is a great example of the type of student we want at North Central,” Harshbarger said. “She’s demonstrated both academic excellence and a clear response in her extracurricular activities to God’s call on her life.”

Scholarship, leadership and service

Throughout her middle school and high school years, Shield has used athletics as a vehicle to demonstrate both leadership and service. Shield has volunteered at local youth basketball camps, served as a coach for Springs Christian Sports Academy, and last summer organized her own free basketball camp for kids at the F Street Rec. Center in Lincoln. She plans to run the camp again this summer with expanded offerings.

Learning the news about the Regent’s Scholarship was an answer to prayer for Shield. “I jumped up and said, ‘Yes!’ when I got the news,” Shield recounted. “I was so excited because it was important for my family for me to be able to go to North Central.”

A calling and a journey

When she comes to NCU in the fall, Shield will be exploring general studies and the possibility of declaring a business major. She is also eager to become involved in—or start—a sports-based program for inner city youth in Minneapolis.

Shield’s investment of her time and talents is something she sees as part of her Christian walk. “At one time I thought my calling was something I could work toward and would be my eventual destination,” she noted in her application essay. “But my calling isn’t my destination, it’s my journey. I want to help kids now, not some time when I have it all together, because I will never have it all together.” She believes God is leading her to North Central and to Minneapolis and is eager to invest in the youth of this city.

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