New student leaders elected to North Central student government

Student leaders bring transition and honor traditions

In January, new faces were elected into office for the 2017–18 student leadership team. Student Body President-elect Hunter Costello and Vice President-elect Monica Herrera were chosen as the new team to lead the student body. Excitement surrounded the student election for the upcoming school year, including the announcement of NCU’s new president, Scott Hagan, who will formally start on June 1, 2017.

Hunter and Monica spoke in chapel about their enthusiasm for this next chapter. “We’re excited to build upon the tradition that North Central stands on—the tradition that has been paved by prior students and leaders that have come through this university,” said Costello.

Meet Hunter

Hunter Costello, a junior, biblical and theological studies student, made a late decision to attend NCU after feeling God calling him to Minneapolis. “I didn’t know what the Lord was doing, but I had to trust Him. I’ve met some of my closest friends here—one of those being Monica Herrera. It was a no-brainer as to why I picked her as my running mate. When I was praying about why I was going to run and who I was going to run with, she is someone who has a passion for North Central—for the student body and the university as a whole.”

Costello’s vision for the next year includes restructuring student senate, including more students and involving more activities. He expressed his excitement about encouraging students to get involved in student-led outreaches, activities, and clubs. “We have an amazing opportunity to be involved, an opportunity you don’t get at other universities,” he explained. “You can ask anyone here at North Central, and they’re involved in multiple things—multiple things that they’re passionate about, that their heart breaks for. Monica and I are really excited to serve to better our community and our school.”

North Central offers 30+ student-led organizations, volunteer opportunities, intramural sports, and 16 varsity sports for students to get involved in.

Meet Monica

Herrera addressed the students directly, speaking specifically to their individual callings. “…I know that every single one of you has a purpose, calling, and a story behind why you’re sitting in this chapel right now,” Herrera continued, “My heart behind running for vice president is to help and support Hunter to the best of my abilities and to find a new way of leadership and the skill set I can develop for my future. I want to see our heart behind why we love North Central and why we’re investing our time here and our money. Even though leaving home was hard, the community at North Central has made it my second home.”

Leaving a legacy

The baton is still in the hands of current student body president Anthony (Tony) Elder and Leslie Hernandez. Tony and Leslie’s most notable accomplishment while in office includes finalizing the purchase of campus’ new flagpole. The flagpole will be installed this spring—a project that has been carried over in student leadership for a few years.

Tony had one of the most unique honors as a student body president, serving on the exclusive presidential search committee this year. Tony recalled a lot of clarity and excitement for Scott Hagan while going through the selection process. “When we first received the packet of all of the resumes, in my mind, Scott Hagan was the next president…” Elder recalls. “When I first met him for interviews, there was something about him when he walked into the room. The room changed in such a powerful way. Listening to him talk about his passion for people and his passion for North Central was just so powerful to me. At that moment I remember thinking, ‘This is it. This is our next president.’”

Tony explained that when Scott Hagan was officially announced as the next president, there was a group of student leaders that met with him on campus. “There is so much excitement throughout the student body and so much excitement for what’s going to happen in future years. Everyone has a confidence that North Central is going to continue to grow and continue to be stronger, and continue to put out leaders in the marketplace and in vocational ministry, which is super exciting.”

2017 has been a year of transition–for both the university presidents and study body presidents–but the long-standing tradition of North Central remains. “This year’s student leadership motto was building a city of hope, and I really think we have an amazing opportunity here at NCU here in the city and the community that God has put us around us, “Hunter concluded. “I definitely think God has His hand on this university.”

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