Black History Month: A Month to Celebrate, Learn, Recognize, and Reflect

Every February, our nation commemorates Black History Month, a time to reflect on and celebrate the achievements of Black individuals that have shaped our nation’s history. It is essential to acknowledge the contributions made by individuals who have influenced our past and continue to impact our present.

Let’s take this time as a reminder to recognize and learn from the challenges faced by the Black community throughout history. This reflection allows for a deeper understanding of the struggles endured and a commitment to fostering a more equitable future.

During this month, let us honor and commemorate Black History with a Christlike mindset, embodying love, compassion, and equality for all. As Christians, we are called to encourage one another to seek knowledge and understanding, recognizing that every individual is created in God’s image.

In the Minneapolis community, numerous events and activities provide opportunities to celebrate and learn more about Black History Month. For a comprehensive list of events, visit, where you can find details about music and food festivals, museum exhibits, and various other engaging activities.

Additionally, we have compiled a list of resources that celebrate Black culture and its profound impact on our nation’s identity. These resources also highlight the resilience and strength of the Black community, offering valuable insights into the rich tapestry of American history.

•The survivors of the Clotilda : the lost stories of the last captives of the American slave trade
•Becoming Ella Fitzgerald : the jazz singer who transformed American song
•King: A Life
•All Rise: the story of Ketanji Brown Jackson
•We will be free: the life and faith of Sojourner Truth
•Built from the fire: the epic story of Tulsa’s Greenwood district, America’s Black Wall Street: one hundred years in the neighborhood that refused to be erased
•A Black women’s history of the United States
•Just mercy : a story of justice and redemption
•Martin Luther King : a religious life
•March (volumes 1-3)
•Frederick Douglass: A prophet of freedom


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