Brandon Watson Named NCU’s Staff of the Year

About Brandon Watson

Brandon Watson went above and beyond during the past school year, becoming North Central University’s 2020-2021 Staff of the Year. During the university’s annual staff appreciation lunch, President Scott Hagan, Ph.D. said the following about him:

“Not only did he maintain the Housekeeping department’s high standard of cleanliness, but he led his team and the university through the response to a worldwide pandemic. Brandon acted quickly and decisively with every twist and turn of the ever-changing pandemic.”

“He helped keep the school safe and clean for the staff, faculty, and students, allowing North Central to remain in person throughout this academic year.

“On top of all of this, he and his staff implemented a new event scheduling system for the University (which I hear is amazing, by the way) and added the management of events to his department. He is always willing to take on more responsibility and tasks if he believes it will improve NCU.”

“Brandon also received his Master’s Degree amid all the chaos!”

Thank you, Brandon, for your years of dedicated, exceptional service to North Central University!

Staff of the Year award

The Staff of the Year is an employee recognized for performance in the following areas:

  • Quality of work
  • Interaction with others
  • Consistency in going beyond normal job requirements
  • Initiative to solve problems
  • Exemplary commitment to quality and
  • The ability to meet needs of students, faculty, fellow staff
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