Nominate North Central alumni for awards

Call for alumni award nominations

Nominate North Central alumni for their remarkable accomplishments

Those who once walked the NCU campus as students have moved on as graduates and alumni to impact neighborhoods, cities, and the world through marketplace ministry, education, ministry and missions, health care, nonprofit organizations, and more. Many pursue further education as they invest in their God-given goals and dreams.

Each year, the annual Alumni Awards presented by the North Central Alumni Board recognize the accomplishments and impact of individual alumni who have distinguished themselves through their work and service to others.

For 2017, the Alumni Board is inviting the entire NCU community to participate in the awards process by nominating alumni you think should be considered for the Alumni Awards. Nominations are now open online!

Not sure who might qualify?

Here’s an example of some recent alumni activities to help start your thinking:

  • Two recent graduates were accepted into the highly competitive Religion in Antiquities M.A. program at the University of Minnesota.
  • An alumnus is serving as vice president of programs and policy at an international nonprofit organization in Canada.
  • A local pastor created a hockey-based outreach as a unique way to reach his community.
  • An alumnus attorney serves on the City Council for his community
  • An alumna graduated with a Juris Doctor and Master of Public Policy from the College of William & Mary.
  • A documentary photographer who’s an alum was awarded an Alexia Foundation award for a film project.
  • Several alumni are actively working in professional theatre productions in the Twin Cities and elsewhere.
  • “Entrepreneurs are us” could be the slogan of dozens of our alumni running businesses and nonprofit organizations.
  • NCU alumni can be found around the world—teaching, aiding refugees, building businesses, and bringing the Gospel to difficult places.

Alumni who’ve been previously recognized are still catching attention for their work and ministry! Wayne and Kristi Northup, two of our 2015 Alumni Award winners, were recently featured in PE News for their church-planting work in New Orleans.

It’s easy to brag about our alumni—they’re amazing!

And now it’s your turn to brag on the NCU alumni friends deserving of recognition for what they do. Tell us about the North Central alumni you think fit these criteria:

These awards are presented annually to alumni who have made remarkable contributions to their field or area of community service. Candidates are evaluated based on individual merit, wherein life and service are shown to be exemplary of the values of North Central University alumni who strive to be Christ-followers, character-builders, truth seekers, learners, reconcilers, salt and light, and world changers! 

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