Why is it important to choose a Christian college?

Everything you need to know about attending a Christian college

By Janelle Higdon 

Why is it important to choose a Christian college?

Well, because this is a seriously vulnerable time in your life. You might for a moment feel strong and bold venturing out into the world after high school, but the truth of the matter is that you are headed into some years of serious learning and life-change. Buckle up, buttercup.

These are years when you consider your future and ask the question “what should I do with my life?” You begin to hone your direction toward a career.

So what shape do you want that environment to take? Do you want an environment where you can explore and fail (and succeed) in the presence of mentors who care about your calling? Or an environment where you are just another number in a sea of students?

While you’re mapping a path through classes, en route to a career, you’re also busy forming friendships with roommates, classmates, and teammates that could actually last a lifetime.

So who do you want these friends to be? People who resonate with you and with your faith? Who will challenge you, but also support you and hold you up?

The best thing about attending a Christian university – the broken people

Of course, Christian colleges and universities are not perfect. They don’t have all of the perfect classes and all of the perfect people. They’re more beautiful than that, actually.

Christian colleges and universities are full of broken people striving together after Christ, who is perfect.

And that is at the core of a Christian university community. That is the difference in the DNA that sets a Christian college apart. It is that environment filled with grace and love that will help you find your true calling. It is that community of people who will become some of your most trusted and trustworthy friends. And that environment, and those people—they can change your future.

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Why is it important to choose a Christian college?

Here is everything you need to know about attending a Christian college or university:

Will the academics be high-quality?

Yes. Christian universities have high-caliber faculty who are experts in their fields. Just like secular universities, faculty have earned advanced degrees, are publishing articles in journals, speaking at conferences around the world, and leading business and organizations.

Faculty will make a huge impact on your academic experience. A good teacher will challenge you to improve your skills and your knowledge. The time that you spend in college courses is also direct preparation for your career after graduation.

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Need proof? Here are a few amazing faculty:


Does a Christian university’s location matter?

Yes, it does! The location of a university makes a significant impact on your time there. Christian universities are not just in existence to educate students, they also have the amazing opportunity to impact their community.

As a student, you can choose a Christian university that is located in a diverse spot where you can easily step off campus and serve those in need around you. Choosing a Christian campus that’s not isolated can also give you more opportunities to connect with companies and non-profit organizations in the area for internships and jobs after graduation.

Is student life on a Christian campus boring?

Nope. Just because Christian colleges and universities are free of drinking and drugs doesn’t mean they’re boring. Taking a quick glance at a university’s social media should give you a sneak peak into the fun activities you’ll be able to join when you attend a Christian university.  

There are actually so many things to do

Your college experience will be full of opportunities. On a Christian campus, there are amazing opportunities for student leadership and personal growth. You could even become the funnest student body president ever.

Other activities you can join: intramural or varsity sports, theatre productions, music ensembles, student organizations, worship teams, Bible study groups, student newspaper, and more!


Hear from a North Central student about what life is really like on a Christian campus. 


Will I be able to afford a Christian education?

Probably! You might be surprised how easy it is to find an affordable Christian university.

Private Christian universities have different tuition rates and different scholarships and grants available. Don’t hesitate to contact the financial aid team at schools that you’re interested in. They are there to help you!

Here are some helpful articles on how you can afford your education:


Will I really grow spiritually?

Yes, you will. A Christian campus is possibly one of the most growth-oriented places around. There’s no denying that college can be a stressful time. You might be maxed out with homework while also dealing with anxiety about an upcoming date with your longtime crush. Feeling vulnerable yet?

Good thing you have a residence hall full of peers who will pray with you. (Wait, what?) This is for real. Residence life is a beautiful thing on a Christian campus, because the leaders of your hall are also there for spiritual encouragement.

Chapel, every day

On most Christian university campuses, chapel services are offered every day. You can gather with faculty, staff, and friends to worship God, and listen to encouraging and challenging messages that could change your life. You can learn things about Jesus that you didn’t know by hearing about His Word from professors and guest speakers.

Listen to free chapel podcasts from North Central University. 

Choosing Christian higher education is worth it

Bottom line: choosing to attend a Christian university over a secular university is worth it. It’s an investment not just in your skills and future career, but in your spiritual health.

You’ll come to campus, get a great education, and possibly have your life changed forever.

Here are the top 15 reasons you should choose a Christian university in downtown Minneapolis.

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