Homeschool-Friendly College Practices

The transition from homeschool to a college campus can be a very abrupt and confusing process. Students may go from the comfort of their own home and friends and family to a whole new environment. At college, there are new experiences, friends, professors, and many more changes that may be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Luckily, there are many things students can do to help make the transition a much easier and smoother process.

Plan for college in high school

This is a tip that is not just helpful for homeschooled students, but any students who hope to attend a college after graduating. It’s important to be proactive about your plans for college, such as thinking about what major to go into, what supplies are needed, especially for a dorm room, and much more. So how can students be preparing for college in high school? Identifying long-term goals is a big aspect of planning ahead. It’s hard to have a clear image of what you want to do if you haven’t identified your long-term goals. What job are you hoping to get in the future? What majors would help you get that job? Does your program offer internships? What are your interests? Where do you hope to end up? What is most important to you in your college experience? These are all things to consider as you plan. 

Get connected early

One of the most important things any new college student can do is get connected to people and organizations on your college campus before you arrive there. While this helps students become more familiar with the happenings and events around campus, it also helps relieve some nerves that come along with making a college transition. There are many groups and
organizations that students can join. Finding a group, or having an idea of where to connect can make building friendships easier once you get on campus. North Central offers several activities that many students participate in. These groups and activities include:

  • Athletics
  • Worship Live
  • Antioch Initiative
  • Delta Kappa
  • Praise Gathering
  • Institution of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

There are so many other clubs and organizations that North Central has available to students. They appeal to every kind of student and their interests. There are musical groups, science clubs, business groups and so much more.

North Central is a great option for students transitioning from homeschooling to college. With small class sizes and faculty and staff around for support, it’s easy for students to get connected and build relationships both with classmates and professors. If you’d like more information for North Central University, click here!

Written by Grace Johnson

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