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How your Bible courses can shape your college experience

Attending an accredited Christian college or university means that no matter what degree you pursue, you will receive an education taught from a biblical perspective as well as additional Bible courses. This unique curriculum maximizes both your academic and spiritual experience during college.

Whether you’ve decided to pursue your degree at a Christian college or you are still exploring both public and private universities, consider how Bible courses can impact your college experience. From professors that will challenge and encourage you, to assignments that will help your time in the Word be in-depth and consistent, Bible courses at accredited Christian colleges and universities will meaningfully shape your college years.

Here are a few ways that Bible courses can practically affect your experience at a Christian college or university.

Strengthen your Biblical foundation.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to attending a Christian college or university is the chance to grow in your spiritual knowledge along with your skills and comprehension in your degree subject. The opportunity to pursue Christian college degrees comes with extra requirements in Bible courses, but the outcome is a stronger Biblical foundation. If you have never attended a Christian school before, the choice to attend a Christian college can help you grow in your knowledge of the Bible and be taught from a Christian perspective on a daily basis.

Throughout your time at a Christian college or university, you will be challenged and pushed by your professors in both your Bible courses and your major-focused courses. The chance to receive Biblical instruction in your higher education is a unique and special opportunity because of the professors and resources that will be available to you during that time.

Provide variety in your class schedule.

Whether you decide to attend a Christian university or a public university, you will have a rigorous academic schedule. Having Bible courses integrated in your schedule will help provide variety in your daily schedule and simultaneously grow your spiritual and academic knowledge.

The best part of Christian college degrees is that Bible courses are woven into your schedule, regardless of your major. Non-ministry majors can still benefit from daily or weekly Bible courses offered by top Bible professors.

Equip you to integrate your faith in the workplace.

Another way that Bible courses can impact your college experience is by helping you to understand ways to integrate your faith in the workplace after you graduate. Through incorporating your faith in your college learning, it will become natural to look at your degree studies from a Christian worldview. These skills will become priceless as you begin your career and seek out marketplace ministry.

Accredited Christian colleges and universities offer rigorous education that will promote deep thinking and produce Christian leaders. The goal of many Christian institutions is to equip students with Christian college degrees that offer both an excellent education and a firm foundation in your faith. Graduating from a college or university with those goals for its students will result in your preparedness for Christian leadership in the workplace after graduation.

Develop an understanding of biblical theology through classroom conversations.

Along with strengthening your biblical foundation, Bible courses can be integral to your understanding of biblical theology and deepening your knowledge of tougher biblical topics. Bible courses will include significant amounts of classroom discussion, which is a great way to dialogue about different views and opinions on biblical interpretation. With Christian professors to guide your discussion, you will learn a lot from your peers about Scripture and varying ideas about navigating today’s culture with biblical knowledge.

Gaining an understanding of what you believe and learning how to respectfully discuss it with others is one of the major ways Bible courses will impact your college experience.

Foster relationships with professors.

Christian college degrees will not only give you access for all kinds of biblical courses and resources, but you will also be able to spend significant time with Christian professors. Each Bible course you take will be taught by experienced, deep-thinking professors that genuinely care about your spiritual growth. The low student-to-faculty ratio allows professors to invest in your individual growth throughout your college experience, greatly shaping your experience.

As you get to know your professors and learn from them, you may develop a lasting relationship with some of them, allowing them to be resources to you in your post-grad life. When you need advice on how to share your faith in the workplace, or if you want to remember some of the things you learned in their class, they are almost always willing to provide wisdom and mentorship post college.

Your Bible courses at accredited Christian colleges will shape your experience through the people in them. Your classmates and Christian professors will come alongside you as you strengthen your Biblical foundation, get equipped to integrate your faith in the workplace, and develop a deeper understanding of theology.

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